Turkish food, breakfast and meals

Turkish food

Traditional Turkish dishes:

Turkey is a country with various and global cuisine. Istanbul is a bug tourist city with a great variety of food that is influenced by diverse culture. We suggest you try traditional cuisine. But there is an important question here: what food should i try among Turkish dishes ?

Turkish food , Breakfast:

Breakfast in Turkey is a bit different from Europe. for example, Turkish people prefer tea instead of coffee most of the time . Tomatoes and cucumbers are also two important things in Turkish breakfast. Other things that is for breakfast include cheese, honey ,cream and eggs . The most common type of bread in Turkey is white bread. We can also mention Turkish cheese (kasar peyniri) ,black or green olives (zeytin) ,butter , thick cream (kimak ) ,honey ,jams ,eggs and yomorta for a very popular Turkish breakfast.

Turkish food


Menemen is a tasty and delicious Turkish omelette. to make this yummy omelette, you should cook onions and peppers with tomatoes and finally mix it with eggs ,aromatic vegetables,parsley and black pepper. It’s a very simple and quick breakfast with a crisp taste . Menemen is the most popular breakfast in Turkey . This food is the local food of Izmir that made in different ways ,but the main ingredient of this food is tomatoes. this is a very healthy,simple and natural breakfast that tastes with extras like cheese ,meat ,mushrooms ,sour cream ,sausage or even chicken or eggplant .

Turkish food, Meze (appetizer) :

Meze in Turkey is actually a good appetizer . There are many restaurants in Turkey that are specialized in meze . In other words we can say that mezes usually served at the restaurants . Usually, the waiter comes and presents everything in the restaurant menu. Everyone will choose one or more ,then the waiter place the mezes in the middle of your table . Bread completes different mezes . Here we have most of the mezes that Turkish people love :

Chili tomato (Ezme )

Grilled eggplant with yogurt( patlican ezmesi)

Grilled eggplant salad (patlican salatsi )

Fried eggplant with tomato sauce (saksuka)

Peppermint yogurt

Zeytinyagli enginar

Turkish food :

Kuru fasulye :

What do you think about beans ?it may not be very interesting to you ,but here we have a different bean meal that will surly appeal to anyone. Bean can be a tasty and delicious food if cooked professionally with other ingredients such as butter ,tomato and tomato paste. Also you can make this food with or without meat or you can make it with thin slices of beef that called pastirma in Turkey . The best places for having this delicious food are the restaurants located in Sulaimaniyah Mosque .

Lufer fish :

If you ask locals about the popular traditional foods ,one of the answers is definitely fish . A combination of fish and different drinks. Of course you can choose your own drink. However there is a question that which fish should be order ? The answer is different and it depends on your taste . But if you ask us ,we say lufer is a great choice.

Adna kebab:

If you are a meat lover ,be sure to try this dish in Turkey . To make Adna kebab we use mutton,chopped vegetables and pepper . Although the raw materials in this food is low but it’s cooked in a special way . Any tourist who travels to Turkey will definitely try Turkish kebabs because Turkish kebabs have a worldwide reputation. Another kebab in Turkey is kuyu kebab that is very delicious. this food is specifically for the Constantinople city near the black sea .

Midye Dolma:

One of the most common street foods in Istunbul that filled with fragrant rice , vegetables and spices is midye dolma . This is a very popular dish in Turkey and you can pour lemon juice over it and then serve .

Turkish food

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