How to Plan For a Pizza Party


Be it a birthday or high school graduation celebration, pizza parties are a classic way to celebrate the occasion. Pizza has become a staple food in parties for Aussies as it is a crowd-pleasing meal that every party goer can enjoy. Besides, the best pizza in Newtown is affordable and delicious.

Your guest may have different tastes, but everybody loves to eat pizza. About 93% of the population eats pizza at least once a month. The hardest part of planning a party might be making sure you have options for vegetarians and gluten-free guests. But, when you opt for Newton pizza for your party, every guest will get something to eat. In addition to it, you can also offer options such as calzones, salads, and pasta.  An event is judged by the food is served. If something goes wrong, it will be remembered forever.

Here are a few tips for planning a pizza party:-

Pick the right location 

Location is one of the major factors that influence the party. The first step of planning for a pizza party is picking the right location. Based on the party, the options for pizza party venues are limitless. There are the best pizza places in Newtown if you are hosting a birthday party. If it is a summer party, consider having the party somewhere outdoors to enjoy the weather.

If you are renting a place, ensure the venue allows outside catering so you can order the best pizza in Newtown. You could also host a party at your house if you are on a tight budget.

Set the date and time 

Pizza can be enjoyed at any time. Yes, it can be a hearty meal for dinner or a fast lunch for an afternoon party. You can have pizza for a brunch celebration as well. When choosing the time and date party, consider the age of the guests. While adults may enjoy a late-night party, young attendees are likely to be hungry earlier in the day.

Weekends are the right time for a pizza party. But, ensure to order pizzas in advance if your favourite shop is busy on Friday or Saturday.

Choose varieties of pizzas           

Although every guest will have their choices of toppings and pizza preferences, it can be difficult to please everyone, which is why you need to order varieties of pizzas so that every guest will have something to eat.

Who doesn’t likes to eat cheese pizza? Plain cheese pizzas are an easy crowd-pleaser. So, order a lot of cheese pizzas for guests who don’t like other toppings. Along with cheese, you could provide extra toppings, seasonings, and sauces. Be creative in toppings as well. You can stick with popular pizza toppings like pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms. You can also opt for a familiar combination, like a vegetable pizza, meat lover’s pizza, or barbeque chicken pizza. Consider the dietary restriction when ordering pizza.

The key is to select the right place for ordering pizzas. A great pizzeria will offer an extensive menu of classic favourites and new flavours to taste

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