The story of the streaky pork


Different cultures of the world, offer different kind of cuisines. They are so much contrasting or different, that it sometimes become incredulous for some people to believe what people eat on the other side of the world. Americans cannot think of eating insects, neither can Indians, or Australians for that matter. Some parts of the world also have dog meat, which is considered a big taboo in most of the other regions. Asians, chinese, Koreans or Japanese have a totally different cuisine, filled with insects, sea food, rabbits and so on. They differ so much, that not everyone can have these cuisines.

Pork is one kind of meat, which is eaten throughout the world, except for middle-eastern countries. Pork is available in markets in different shape, form, sizes and cost. Different kind of pork include minced pork, streaky pork, slicy pork, salami and so on. They are juxtaposed with different herbs, spices and liquids to make a wonderful dish, which makes everyone lick their fingers. Pork is known for its absorbing power. It imbibes the taste which is added to it, so meticulously, that the whole dish tastes intrinsically wonderful.

Talking about types of pork, let us have a look at some types of pork and how they are used.

  1. Minced pork– It is a form of ground meat, used in many dishes such as burgers, Italian and Indian as well. It goes well with other dishes as add on too. It is used in many parts of the world, to make up dishes of different cuisines.
  2. Streaky Pork– Streaky pork is a part of pig, which is cut out from the belly, containing fat. It is also called belly fat, or belly meat. Sharp knives and blades are used to often carve out slices from this part, or it is simply converted fully into a wonderful dish. Streaky pork [หมูสามชั้น, which is the term in Thai] is generally used as meat in Philippines, china and Korean cuisine. It is used to make curry’s, by adding spicy flavours, water and other herbs. It makes a whole complete dish. It is also used to flavour noodles. Streaky pork contains fat, and carbohydrates as well. It is a healthy form of meat. One of the best dishes in these cuisines are created by pork belly. They can be eaten grilled, with vegetables and sauce. They can be stuffed with potatoes, vegetables or any other form of meat as well. In chinese culture, it is often cooked twice, and fried to produce a wonderful taste.

Next time when you visit any Asian country, like Korea, Japan, china or Philippines, then do visit the restaurants serving dishes made of streaky pork. You will understand the flavourful nature of this kind of meat, and how it jinxes into the flavours provided to it, creating a wonderful and perfect combination in a dish. Try out a pork belly dish, and ask others around you to try out this different form of meat, which is not conventional.

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Best storage options for deli items


When it comes to storing your deli foods, a variety of options lie at your disposal. However, each option has to be chosen based on some considerations. It is important to ensure that the choice you settle for best suits your situation. Deli items refer to meat, cheese or sandwiches purchased to be consumed right away or stored for later consumption. Finding the best option for storing your deli items ranges from healthy needs, saving money and the ease to move around with food. This article presents you with the best options to store your deli foods based on particular situations. 

Health Concerns

Depending on the amount of time taken before consuming your deli food, you will want to store your food in containers that will not mess up with the nutrients in the food. Glass storage containers are non-porous, can be cleaned easily and store food for a long time. Therefore, glass storage containers are advisable for deli items you intend to store in for some time. On the other hand, deli foods meant for immediate consumption can be stored in plastic containers. Plastic storage containers can be disposed of immediately not to mention their affordability. A company like SystemPAK offers a variety of containers that suit your needs. Moreover, their price ranges are rational, and the containers have secured leads to keep your food from oxidation and absorbing microorganisms. 

Bringing Lunch to Work or School

Plastic deli pots storage containers are convenient for carrying food around. They are lighter and safer compared to glass containers which can break when mishandled. Also, plastic deli pots come with leads which ensure your food is safe irrespective of its form (liquid with soup or solid). Finding a good storage container company is essential to make sure your food remains fresh. SystemPAK not only offers good services to their customers such as short time delivery but also strives towards maintaining the original freshness and health in your food. 

Left Overs 

Deli foods leftovers can be saved by storing them in the refrigerator or freezer. The best storage option for leftovers will be glass containers. This is because they are leakproof and have firm leads which prevent messing up fridge shelves. OXO’s set glass storage containers are convenient as they come in different sizes and are easy to clean. Moreover, glass deli pots are easy to clean and make your freezer or refrigerator appear beautiful and organized. Basically, glass is advisable for storing leftovers or food that is not being consumed immediately. 


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Are Plastic Containers great for use in a microwave?


Container usage

Containers made from plastic are very useful for a variety of uses and especially for food. Whether for use in a fridge or general food storage plastic containers are the ideal solution.

• Since they are clear it obvious what is in them.
• The shape of the containers allow easy stacking, space can often be an issue in catering.
• They are easy to clean and can often be used again.
• Perfect for prepared commercial food products for point of display in shops.

Containers for the microwave

The present trend for pre-prepared and take away food is expanding rapidly. It was not many years ago, that
takeaway food was primarily brought from a Chinese or Indian restaurant and came in foil containers. Today take-away and prepared meals are readily available in most shops. The foil container is not suitable for many of these products since they are not suitable for use in a microwave. Not every plastic container is suitable for food and certainly not suitable for microwaves. The correct containers prevent dangerous chemicals and toxins leaching from the plastic into the food and are able to stand up to microwave use without buckling or changing shape. How can we recognize what plastic is safe to use? The manufacture of plastic is complex, and containers all look quite similar. Most containers do not display the type of plastic used so the only way to identify those that are safe for the microwave is to look for the microwave mark. The easiest method to ensure that the correct containers are used is to buy the correct containers from an accredited supplier.

Single use containers

Most containers are designed for single use, buy from the shop use or empty the contents and throw away. Although today, we should not throw it away but recycle instead. Recycling, however, is not straight forward as not all plastics are suitable. This has resulted in a higher demand for multi-use containers. By utilizing microwave-safe containers several times, we are helping to reduce the problem of plastic waste.

Best container for use in a microwave
Plastic containers are perfect for use in the microwave. They are easy to clean they are lightweight, and it is possible to store food in the fridge or freezer ready to go into the microwave. They are easy to handle, as they do not
heat up, view products. Metal is not suitable for use in most microwaves and ceramic style containers often get too hot to handle.


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Types of Bars


Bars have been central to various interesting events, facts and happenings all through the ages beginning from the ancient period to the modern times. Bars served various purposes for different segments of the society and have been known in different names across the centuries. Bars were popularly known as taverns, saloons etc. and have been a point of attraction for entertainment, food, alcohol, lodging etc. Experience the excellent services of Mad hatter bar for your entertainment and thrills of beer.

The name of bar interestingly comes from the barrier which means something which blocks. The other popular name of bar “counter” means the wood separation or barrier. The counter was meant for another meaning explaining the place with high chairs called “bar tools”. This concept of the barrier was consciously imposed in order to keep a safe distance from drunken people and avoid harm to the service providers.

Popular and busy bars with lots of clients are normally flooring 0 means non-slippery or easy and quick dry type of floor. The back wall or bar display is the place behind the counter where drinks or the bottles are displayed. Glass displays are hanger to display the glass. the Cocktail station is the speed rack to keep the beverages of different brands. Similarly, there are other places like sink or plumbing to wash the bar equipment, drawer or cabinet to store the stock of beverages, chiller or refrigeration is to store the beverages for cooling, cashier desk is for financial transactions.

Based on the different shapes of the bars, there are different types of bars, namely semi-circular, the elongated letter I shaped, combined semi-circular, combined semi-circular and elongated, full circle, U and L shaped, island etc.

Bars can be divided into two types based on their function. The type one is “Stand- alone bar” for the employers joining the night club, café, discotheque etc. normally outside the hotel.  type two is the bar inside the hotel with all the function of a bar but under the auspices of the hotel bar.

Besides the above, there are also other types of bars based on their functions like public bar which serves drinks to the public, service bar normally located behind a bar nearer to the kitchen, snack bar which only serves food and drinks, mini bar is inside the hotel room served through a small fridge, pool bar is near the pool inside a hotel, portable bar is typically arranged on party occasions which can be portable, expresso bar is seaports or airport bar, private bar is in the houses of rich people etc.

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5 Top Food Presents for Ramadan in 2019


Ramadan (in Arabic: رمضان, Ramadan) is the ninth month in the Islamic timetable. Amid the entire month, spectators of Islam quick from dawn to nightfall. Amid the quick, no sustenance or drink is devoured, and considerations must be kept unadulterated. Devotees of Islam trust that fasting shows persistence, unobtrusiveness, and otherworldliness. Dinners is presents for Ramadan before dawn, called suhoor, and after dusk, called iftar, and eaten with family or with the neighborhood network.

Peruse more: What Is Ramadan?

Who Fasts and Who Doesn’t

The quick is carefully watched, even in higher scopes, by every single grown-up Muslim. The older, debilitated, and rationally sick are absolved from the fasting. Likewise absolved are pregnant ladies, ladies amid the time of their feminine cycle, and ladies nursing their infants. In some Muslim people group, individuals who miss the fasting bit of Ramadan liberally feed poor people and terrible amid the suhoor and iftar suppers.

Suhoor and Iftar

Amid_e_Ramadan, two primary dinners are served: Suhoor, which is served before day break, and iftar, which is served after nightfall. Suhoor ought to be a generous, solid dinner to give required vitality during a time of fasting it closes when the sun rises and the fair, or morning petition, starts.

By the day’s end, when the sun sets, the Maghreb petition begins, and the day’s quick is broken with iftar. Numerous Muslims break their quick by eating dates before starting the iftar feast (dates are typical presents for Ramadan by the way). Muslims can keep eating and drinking for the duration of the night until the following day’s suhoor. Toward the finish of the Ramadan month, Muslims commend the Festival of Fast-Breaking, called Eid al-Fitr.

What to Eat

Both of the suhoor and iftar dinners contain new natural product, vegetables, halal meats, breads, cheeses, and desserts. “I endeavor to keep my Ramadan exceptionally light and loaded with fiber, proteins, and complex carbs. At the point when Ramadan is amid sweltering summer months like it is this year, I likewise center around hydrating nourishments,” says Amanda Saab of the blog Amanda’s Plate. The kinds of sustenance served change by area, regardless of whether you’re in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America, or past. The dinners are served either at home with family, in the network mosques, or other assigned places inside the Muslim people group.

10 Ramadan Foods from Around the World

  1. Dahi vadey: Lentil dumplings that are absorbed a hot yogurt sauce
  2. Haleem: A moderate cooked stew of meat, bulgur wheat, and lentils (Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Central Asia)
  3. Chicken 65: Spicy, chomp estimated bits of chicken that are marinated and broiled
  4. Ramazan Kebabi: A dish made with sheep, onions, yogurt, and pita bread
  5. Ful medammes: Fava beans cooked with garlic and spread on bread
  6. Paomo: A bread and lamb soup
  7. Chapatis: Unleavened flatbread that is moved up with vegetables and meats
  8. Fattoush: A serving of mixed greens made of vegetables and pita bread (Lebanon and Arab nations)
  9. Konafah: A baked good made with phyllo batter and cheddar
  10. Kolak: An organic product dessert made with palm sugar, coconut milk, and pandanus leaf. Natural products, for example, jackfruit or banana, or mung beans are included

Where to Find More Recipes

Look at the web journals Coffee and Crumpets and My Halal Kitchen for broad accumulations of Ramadan plans, and see underneath for Kitchn’s plans.

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7 Steps of Starting a Home-Based Catering Business



If you love cooking, you can turn that passion into a profitable business by starting a home-based catering business. What you need for starting a home-based catering business is a dash of culinary skills, determination, and grace under fire and some other vital elements of the business. You can run your business from home for full or part-time, and earn $30,000 to $80,000 per year.

There is an initial investment like any business. Your business needs some equipment and system such as an event catering software. It is money is worth investing and will make your business look professional from the start. The startup cost of your business will depend on how big you are looking to start. In this article we will explore what you need to start a home-based catering business.

  1. Find Your Niche

Before you start your catering business, you need to find your business niche aka what type of catering you want to do. Some catering businesses are found to be successful when they concentrate on a particular niche. If you can become an expert of your targeted niche, your services will be in high demand. Moreover, you can keep your operating costs down and focus on your marketing efforts if you are an expert in your niche.

For instance, if you like to bake cakes, your focus and passion can lead you to many wedding cake maker contracts.

  1. Prepare a Catering Business Plan

Next, you must prepare a catering business plan.  If an idea goes through your mind, you should write it down to transform multiple of these ideas into a business plan to achieve your goals. For making your catering business plan, you need to know who your real customers will be, where they will need your service, who they hire for catering, and various other things. It is an excellent idea to make your business a limited liability company to protect your assets. Your business plan should also contain your revenue and marketing plan.

3.      Insurance and Licences

Every state has different requirements when it comes to starting a home-based catering business. If you want to find out what you need, you should contact your state’s occupation licensing or health department. Generally, you will need a business license, inspection from your local fire department, federal tax number (EIN), and health inspection of your kitchen since you will work with food. You also have to know if you require a professional kitchen or you can cook at your home.

  1. Space

Next, you need enough space in your kitchen to store equipment and to cook food when required. It is recommended to have enough space for storing ingredients and preparing food for at least 50 people. However, if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, you can always rent a commercial kitchen or share with someone else to cut the cost.

  1. Kitchen tools and Storage

If you are going to cater an event, you need to purchase some kitchen tools and ingredients such as serving spoons, plates, bowls, cups, utensils, silverware, etc. Though you can cook from your home kitchen, you should buy some tools that are dedicated to the business separated from your personal kitchen tools. You need to buy the best quality professional kitchen tools from professional kitchen supply vendors.

  1. Business and Marketing

For the business and marketing part, you need to know if you are going to cater for large, medium, small events or a combination of each. Then you should decide whether you will market about your service via word of mouth or by advertising. Since you are starting a home-based catering service, it is recommended to opt for word of mouth strategy. Additionally, if you can afford local advertising, it can also bring you good results. Since the food ordering system is going online, you should also try to create an excellent online presence of your business.

  1. Menu

Last but not least, you need to create a full-proof menu. I suggest you make a list of items that you can offer in your catering services. You also need to consider proposing a variety of items so that your customers have multiple options while choosing a menu for their event.

In conclusion, all that matters for the success of your business is your effort. These are just a few steps that you can follow at the startup.

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Pizza: A Yummy Dish Worth Waiting For!


The pizza treats to your empty stomach is a blessing in disguise. Do you remember the last time you were hungry like hell and a slice of pizza was more than a miracle for you at that moment? While returning from that busy workday, a slice of pizza on the way is a great relief. And, if you are a resident of Montreal than surely you are among the luckiest people on this Earth as this place is famous for its food and especially those sizzling hot pizzas.

Pizza is something, which is by your side every time, and it is unique:

  •    Pizza For Any Occasion – Whether you want to relax after a typical tiring day at the office or you want to celebrate any particular moment, a pizza slice is always there to accompany you.
  •    Single Dish, But A Variety Of Flavors – From those pizza toppings to pizza crust, you have a variety of options to choose from. For people who love thin crust or spicy toppings or those who do not like any particular veggies as pizza toppings, there are a lot of choices available to please your taste buds with your favorite.
  •    Easy To Eat – Single pizza slices are handy and easy to eat in-between work meals. Like when you are too busy in making those office presentations and are hungry but do not have time to eat your meal then a pizza meal is all that you can have without letting your work to halt in between.
  •    Every Time Is A Pizza Time – From breakfast to dinner, grab your favorite pizza anytime without any second thoughts. There is no right time to soothe your taste buds with the exotic flavors of tasty pizzas.
  •    Handles All Mood Swings – From being too happy to be sad at times, a pizza is always there to set your mood right. Just remember the times when you were too depressed with your life, and a tasty piece of pizza helped you change your attitude. In addition, those small moments, which you celebrated with yourself by giving yourself a delicious pizza treat.

So if you are living in Montreal, Quebec then try out the yummiest pizzas from the pizza range of Double Pizza. With their most delectable pizza recipes in town, they give your pizza eating experience an all-new definition.


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Food Science: Butter


Today we will look at cream and its various states. First, and primarily, we know cream as a milk product. It is composed of a high-butterfat content (important in our discussion today) and is skimmed off the top of milk collected from cattle, before the milk is homogenized. We homogenize milk so that the fat molecules do not separate from the water content, that homogenization process is achieved through centrifuges.

Heavy cream is an emulsion, which is to say it is tiny droplets of one liquid floating in another liquid evenly distributed. In this case, globs of fat are suspended perfectly in water.

Because of its high percentage of fat, cream has the ability to do miraculous things. It can transform in front of our eyes.

Primarily we know transformed cream by the name whipped cream. But what happens when we whip cream? The reason we have cream specifically designated as Heavy Whipping Cream is because in order to aerate the liquid we need at least a 30% fat content. Essentially, what we’re doing here is trapping air bubbles in a network of fat droplets. We are pushing the fat closer together and that is what provides structure out of a seemingly structureless ingredient (moving from liquid to semi-solid).

But if we keep whipping, do you know what happens? Those fat droplets get closer and closer together, becoming more and more dense. As they get closer together, they press out water and casein. And what do we call dense fat droplets smashed together out of cream? Butter!

And what is the liquid that gets pressed out? Why it’s nothing more than buttermilk! Yes, this is the real deal. It is the byproduct of butter. Buttermilk is acidic and slightly thick when compared to regular milk. Why so acidic? Because the fat molecules have pressed out most of the whey (a milk protein we discussed in my cheese segment).

When you reach this point with the cream, you can strain out the butter and then run it under water while you knead it. We knead the butter to remove even more water content. Don’t worry about it melting away under water, it’s a nearly pure fat at this point which isn’t water soluble.

While we need to remove most of the water, we will not get rid of it entirely. And that leads us to another miraculous transformation of butter. Refined or clarified butter. When we cook out that final bit of water over low heat we separate the pure butterfat from water and protein. Water will evaporate, and then we can skim off the protein. Pure butterfat is an excellent cooking vehicle because it can reach nearly 400 degrees before smoking (which is extraordinarily high).

Now that you know how easy it is to make butter, might you make some tonight?

For more info visit my website at  Renegade Kitchen

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How to choose meat?


No matter how much you try, you can’t always find the perfect meat that is not only tasty but will also allow you to stay healthy. Often people consider buying the meats from stores. But are they healthy? Store meat is often packed and kept in closed areas to keep them fresh. However, they may sometimes turn out stale and pose serious health dangers.

If you want to choose the right meat, make sure to follow these steps

Fat level

Interspersed fat meat is better than others because it has an intense and delicious flavor. If you are buying meat from stores, make sure to squeeze and check it if it gives that feel or not. Fresh meat will be soft while freezes meat can be harmful. Also, if the meat has a fatty coating, it means that your meat is sure to provide a tasty and juicy flavor. There is a tinge or yellowish shade for meat obtained from older animals but will surely taste better than others.

Animal husbandry

A happy life is sure to bear tasty and delicious meat. It has always been noted that the better the animal husbandry, the better will be the quality and taste of meat. Thus, meat obtained from happy animals can be extremely helpful for you.


The animals consume a balanced amount of meat and fat. If the animal has been grazing on green grass, it is sure to have a better taste. Also, these are better than general interspersed meat. A lot of animals are fed either specific type of meat or only grass. This can, however, slow down their fat development process, ultimately resulting in a not-so-great taste.


Do not always fall for the trap of “The cheaper, the better,” especially when you are out to buy meat. Many people have been using Lumar meat saw to ensure better cuts of meat. Also, the small size is usually tasty and better than others. The small-sized meats are considered to be better than others.

It is necessary that you learn how to cut and chop meat so that you can have a delicious treat at home. The muscle that worked throughout will be less tender with a better taste. No doubt, you may often get better deals for a low price, but it is better to check with it.

Before you purchase meat, it is suggested that you check with what is the meat all about. Also, once you find the specialized deal, make sure to purchase the right meat.


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The best way to use your leftovers


Did you know that wasted food costs the average British household between £250 and £400 per year? That works out at anything up to £24,000 in a lifetime! As well as the financial cost, more and more people are concerned about the environmental costs of food waste. While some local authorities collect food waste for composting, the energy that goes into the production of food can never be reclaimed.

When I was a student, leftover food was not an issue. Any takeaway curry left unfinished, or post-pub pizza not eaten became the next day’s breakfast. Now that I’m older and cook for a family I am more careful about eating a balanced diet. There is still room for a takeaway treat within that diet, but we don’t always finish the whole meal. So what to do with the leftovers?

The obvious answer is to put them in the fridge. Food safety experts suggest that leftovers should be refrigerated quickly and kept for no more than four days. If you are not sure whether you will eat them in four days, then you should freeze them as soon as possible. Whether you refrigerate or freeze the key is to not leave food in “the danger zone” (between 4 and 60 Celsius, where bacteria can thrive) too long, and to use food-safe containers. Food packaging UK options are varied, many takeaways no longer use the old-fashioned foil and cardboard containers but instead serve in plastic tubs which customers can reuse to refrigerate, freeze, and even re-heat in the microwave. I even wash mine for use as sandwich boxes. Visit SystemPak to find out more.

What if you don’t want to have the same meal twice in a week? There are lots of great ideas on the internet for using up leftovers, for example there are universal recipes that can turn any leftover into a stir fry or casserole. You can also combine most leftover takeaway meals with something starchy like mashed potato or polenta to make tasty croquettes. Or you could eat with a leafy salad for a guilt-free version of your favourite. Alternatively, you could freeze individual portions with cooked rice so you have your own ready meals for when time is tight.

As well as saving money, by using up your leftovers you will be helping the environment. And best of all, you get to eat takeaway more than once a week!

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