Tips on Using Hon Sauce on Cuisines


The main objective behind introducing Hon sauce is to help contemporary individuals increasing the taste or flavor of traditional Japanese dishes. Whether you love eating chicken or seafood, you can easily increase the flavor of the same by adding Hon sauce to them. Of course, you would like to learn how to use this type of sauce on your favorite cuisines.

Can I use this sauce on different dishes? Of course, you can use it on various types of dishes such as chicken, sushi, seafood, and even steaks. But the question comes here how you can use it. So, let’s check out how you can use Hon sauce on different dishes.

Use Hon Sauce as Cooking Sauce

You can use this sauce as your favorite cooking sauce. Obviously, you would like to increase the flavor of your favorite foods. So, you need to add special type of sauce to it. There could be different types of sauces in the market to choose from, but choosing Hon as your favorite cooking sauce can be a distinct idea.

So, when it comes to choosing delicious Hon Sauce as your best cooking sauce, you are going to cook something really delicious. Obviously, you would always like to make your foods as much delicious as possible. So, you need to try this sauce as your cooking sauce.

Can I Use This Sauce as Spread?

Most of the food lovers want to use sauce as spread. If you are also among those individuals, you can easily do the same. Yes, you can use this sauce as spread. For this, you need to choose your favorite dish. Whether you are going to add flavor to your traditional Japanese dishes or seafood, you will always find it a delicious choice.

Using sauce as spread on different types of dishes can help you achieving desired taste out of the same. It might be possible that you may not like eating a specific type of dish just because it doesn’t taste you good. So, despite of being a healthy dish, you may not be able to eat the same just because of an unfavorable flavor. Do you want to change the flavor of it? If so, then you should use sauce as spread.

Use Your Favorite Sauce as Dip

Apart from using Hon sauce as cooking sauce and spread, you can also use it as dip. Yes, you can certainly use your favorite sauce as dip. For this, you need to choose this sauce for your favorite dish.

Using sauce as dip can help you altering the taste of your favorite dish. It is seen that many individuals avoid eating health foods just because of the unfavorable taste of the same. If you want to change the taste of a dish, you need to use sauce as dip.

Can I Add This Sauce on Sushi?

Do you want to alter the flavor of your traditional sushi? If yes, then you need to try this sauce. Adding this sauce to your favorite sushi can help you grabbing a new flavor and taste. So, this sauce is a best option for making your favorite foods more delicious than ever before.


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What are Flakers and shredders?


Industrial Flakers are or also called shredders somewhere across the globe can reduce frozen blocks of food products into smaller, more uniform, and processable pieces, therefore, creating elongated pieces of product given the certain cross-sectional size and length that would be appropriate for your product suitability and suitable for your customer base as well. This is termed as a pre-procedure for a cutting and mixing machine and for the meat grinding process.

These are mostly designed and applicable to break apart blocks of product, including frozen meats and cheeses. Mostly the products that are frozen in blocks and bulk, have a better storage experience and better user experience. There are different methods these machines employ for the processing of those products. The machine can push the block of product into a rotating bladed drum to shave flakes from the block or two toothed, counter-revolving wheels shear the product and force it through a pre-defined space. So, that it may get grinded or may be split into pieces.

Flakers are the equipment that is used to compress and flatten a product to make it a thin and uniform product. This process which is known as the flaking process is essential in achieving the maximum nutritional potential of the whole product. Most seeds that are crushed through these processes have a tough oil-bearing cellular structure that has to be ruptured or weakened before cooking and extraction. So, these processes are applied.

Different shapes and sizes

Flakers come in different shapes and sizes. Let’s discuss these shapes and sizes. The first such type is the Drum flaker, that if acquired by a valued and reliable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, will be an esteemed product for your customers. This offers easy conveying, hassle-free installation, and high load-bearing capacity, so this product is highly demanded by most manufacturers and industrialists. The drum flakers offered by us possess various specifications according to your requirements, following the specifications provided by our customers. The drum flakers offer a high ability to withstand high mechanical stress, are durably constructed, and possess optimum strength.

Belt Flakers

With another type of flakers and shredders, known as Belt flakers, Progressu has gained a distinct position in the market by offering quality-oriented Belt Flakers. These are manufactured by using the best-in-class material and sophisticated technology abiding by the standards of the industry. In addition to this, Progressu offers flaker belts with various specifications as per the demand of the customers. The offered flakers are inspected with various parameters and standards of quality to deliver an enormous range to our customers. Our belt flakers offer easy conveying, Sturdy designs, and Less maintenance, to keep up with the industry requirements.

Progressu is all about offering you economic solutions within your budget limits so that you might have an option of achieving the processing of what your industry requires by keeping it within your budget limits. Our provided used solutions are verified and checked thoroughly with industrial standards. Just reach out to us and enjoy the economical solutions.

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Planning A Backcountry Camping in Winter – Remember the Important Checklist


Winter camping includes everything from snowy hikes to delicious food, comfy sleeping bags, mosquito noise, and much more. Even though camping is one of the best year-round activities, but it gives an incredible experience, especially during the winter season.

To prepare delicious food during your camping, why not find out more recipes on Easy Campfire recipes. They provide easy Dutch oven recipes from breakfast to dinner made with simple ingredients.

You require more clothes when camping during the winter season. Also, you need special gear based on the place you live to withstand the cool temperature. Apart from this, winter camping is not much hard compared to the other seasons.

You can make the camping experience wonderful by making a proper plan. The following are a few things that you have to remember when preparing for winter camping.

Check the weather

Before camping, check the weather forecast during your trip so that you can make a plan depending on the temperature. During camping, you may require more sun protection because of too cool temperatures.


There are two kinds of winter camping shelters, they include:

Cold camping It is the same as a regular camping tent, but 4-season tents will be used in place of normal tents. These tents will have thick flies and materials and dome shape pole structure that helps to resist winds. You have to rely on an insulation setup and sleeping bag for warmness.

Hot camping In this method, Quinzees and hot tents, canvas tents are outfitted with a stove to get the hot temperature (up to 25°C) into the tent. These tents are heavy, so you require a car to transport them. When it comes to Quinzee, you can arrange it with a few hours. Dig the snow and leave one-foot thickness on all the sides of the wall. It looks the same as an igloo.

Gear up

When sleeping inside a winter shelter, you have to separate the body from ice and snow over the ground. A sleeping bag, wool blanket, and fleece liner can help you in taking a comfortable rest at night.

Building fire

It is an overwhelming process during the winter season. At first, build the base to sit. Here are a few things you require to build a fire:

  • For sustained fire, consider hardwood such as oak or maple, and for fast cooking, choose softwood such as spruce or cedara
  • Axe or hatchet
  • Saw
  • Flint, lighters, and matches

Food and water

You require more calories during winter camping as the body works to stay warm. So, make sure that you consume food, which matches your activities. Cooking food yourself will help you in staying healthy during the camping.

There are many good camping recipes that you can cook on camping stoves and fire pits. Soups, stew, chicken, Dutch baby, and more are the best ways to stay energetic the whole day. Also, drink water even if you are not thirsty to stay hydrated.

Find the right camping site and plan today. Also, choose the best website that offers delicious camping recipes and get the printout to taste the delicious food during your camping.

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Cooking With CBD Oil

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If you want to get the most out of your cooking, then cooking with CBD is one of the best ways to do it. For instance, some people who are gluten intolerant may have great trouble digesting foods that contain gluten. When gluten particles are heated, they can stick to the walls of the intestine and slow down the digestive process. This can lead to other more severe problems over time, including chronic fatigue syndrome.

To counteract this, we can use hemp and CBD oils to cook. Since CBD is known as a brain stimulant, taking a CBD supplement can often help the user feel more focused throughout the day. Since the CBD is also known to have long-lasting effects on the central nervous system, taking it can help reduce the symptoms of ADHD and other similar disorders. As an added benefit, cooking with these types of products is usually very low in toxicity, making it a great way to improve one’s health.

Cooking with CBD can be done in so many different ways. Some people like to use CBD-infused oils for cooking, while others enjoy using them on edibles, as well as other delicious food and beverage recipes. The best thing about using CBD for cooking is that the long-lasting effects don’t wear off as quickly as the effects of consuming alcohol or caffeine. So, aside from being a healthy addition to a diet, cooking with CBD can also provide a number of delicious, tasty treats for friends and family. There are also a vast range of product available such as CBD capsules UK and CBD balm UK you can explore.

Don’t hesitate to read further and know more from LoveCBD infographic below. 


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Leveraging Technology For Business Growth

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Months of lockdown have forced many people to purchase online. Ecommerce apps have disrupted the buying behavior of consumers. Thanks to the advancement in the technology,  availability of smart devices, smartphones, ipads, etc that made it possible for the brands and the consumers to easily shift their base from offline to online. Not just that most of the brands generate 3/4 of their revenue just by the online purchase be it through e-commerce or with their mobile application.

Today if you are looking for a home-based workout you have an app for it with the option of live workouts at home. For midnight cravings you have an app from where you can order the food showing you all the nearby options. Infact, right from grocery to chicken delivery, everything can be purchased online with just a mobile application. Last-minute vacation planning, tickets can be booked with a single tap on the phone. We have become so dependent on these mobile applications that we cannot even imagine our day to day life without them. We cannot deny that mobile applications have become an integral part of our life.

A lot of startups and businesses have leveraged their business growth with their online presence and with the development of the mobile application. FreshToHome is a Bangalore based startup that started in 2015 with a one-stop online marketplace to deliver antibiotic and chemical-free fresh raw chicken, mutton, seafood, etc at your doorstep operating in Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Trivandrum, Thrissur and even in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and more. Without the hassle of going to the market, consumers can order the meat, fish, etc online. A lot of people also don’t like to visit the fish markets because of the smell and the crowd. Keeping in mind the size of the Indian meat market, demand for fresh meat, chicken, marinates, lack of quality, and the unorganized supply market FreshToHome accelerated their business growth by an online presence. Not just that the FreshToHome mobile application has a feature for the fisherman through which they can get a fair price for their fishes by placing their bid. Across 125 harbors and 1500 fisherman have bid till now. FreshToHome currently fulfills 1.5 million orders per month and is leveraging the AI-based technology business innovation to bring superior value to the customers.

Technology is revolutionizing the way businesses are operating. Small businesses are using the array of tech everything right from servers to applications to develop a competitive advantage. Companies are going through a complete digital transformation. With the right integration of technology with digital, the companies are expanding their user base and providing convenience to their customers. It is likely that the future looks promising for the business who are adapting the latest technology.

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Various Uses of Cream Chargers & Fruit Flavor Cream Chargers Available


One of the best things that you enjoy during the cold winters is the hot drinks, be it a hot cup of coffee or a mug of hot chocolate drink. You can actually make your winters very interesting with your partner, by not only spending time and drinking hot drinks but you can make the hot drinks even tastier by adding it with a dash of whip cream on it. And for that you need a good cream charger and dispenser. You can also get in many online sites cream chargers which are available in fruit flavors. The cream chargers that is presently available in fruit flavors consists of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, fresh mint etc.

Varieties of Uses of Cream Chargers –

You can get cream chargers delivered fast 24 / 7 from Best nangs. Apart from that there are many alternate sites like aussies, cream world etc. from where you can get good cream chargers and dispensers. It’s not just for cake but also you can use it in other ways like when baking a pastry, sweet rolls, buns, biscuit and cookies and many more. You can use it in many creative ways. But there is also one that you should be aware of and that is that it is made of a N2O base, which contains nitrous oxide gas, which you have to fix in the dispenser carefully. Just don’t smell it or else you will fall sick.

Fruit Flavor Cream Chargers Are Expensive –

Next thing that you should be prepared before getting this unique product is the price. You can get a plain N2O base cream charger bulb for a cheaper rate, but when you go to buy a fruit flavor cream charger you will get it at an expensive rate. Say for instance a good fruit flavored cream charger if you check on sites like supreme whip you will get it around $200-$900. It should cost you somewhere near this rate. It is also recommended that you choose high quality cream chargers, so that you get a safe and hygienic fluffy cream which is healthy to consume.

Get Cream Chargers in Wholesale –

Apart from that cream chargers are very environment friendly and it is made of pure steel. It is also suggested that after the use of the cream chargers you dispose it in safe manner in the dustbin, rather than throwing it outside. If you have a bakery, then you can also get cream charger bulbs in wholesale. It is one of the best products which have been liked by many pastry chefs in Australia and world wide. It is one of the best products that you can have as a kitchen professional.

Check Online Tutorial –

You will also get in the online site CO2 cream chargers; you can get that also for your kitchen. But it is used by soda makers. So, it is a good product again for the bar tenders. If you want to know how to correctly use the cream chargers then you can check for the online tutorials. And if you are a novice in cake baking or using the cream chargers, then let me tell you it is a very simple and easy to use product which is very hassle free and also neat to use, compared to the old fashioned pipe cones.

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8 Baking Hacks That’ll Turn You Into a Kitchen Pro


Everyone wants to be a pro in the kitchen, especially when it comes to making delicious baked goods to share with friends and family. If you’re looking for some baking hacks to step up your treat game, then we have you covered.

We have all the best tips that will level up your skills and impress your friends.

Whether you’re starting with a little bit of baking knowledge or none at all, these tips will have you baking like a pro. Make sure you strap on your apron and grab an oven mitt because you will need it.

Read on for eight baking hacks that’ll turn you into a kitchen pro.

  1. Need Peppermint Flavoring? 

Around the holidays, you might find yourself making baked goods that require peppermint flavoring. Yet, you might not have on hand.

Instead of running to the store every time you want to make a peppermint-flavored baked good, there is a phenomenal alternative! Use peppermint candies!

Especially around the holidays, when you have an abundance of them lying around, this is a great hack. All you’ll need to do is plop them into a ziplock bag and crush them up into a fine powder.

Adding the powder to any recipe will make it taste like a delicious Christmas treat.

  1. Forgot to Soften the Butter? 

There have been a few times when even professional bakers have forgotten to leave the butter out when making a cake or other baked goods. Yet, how can you get that same soft butter consistency, especially if you’re on a time crunch?

Put the cold stick of butter into a zip lock bag and use a rolling pin over it to make it softer. You’ll find that the butter gets flattened into a soft layer.

After you flatten the butter, you can use a spatula to add it to the rest of your ingredients.

  1. Cookies Sticking? 

Have you ever wondered why bakers use parchment paper instead of putting the baked goods right on the cookie sheet?

Well, parchment paper helps your baked goods to not stick on the pan. When you’re making cookies, it also makes it so that they cook more evenly. And when you’re lifting your baked goods, they won’t crack or break!

Parchment paper is a lifesaver for many people who partake in professional baking. One way to make your life easier is by investing in pre cut parchment paper. You’ll find that it makes the entire baking process easier!

  1. Don’t Feel Like Frosting? 

Another one of the best tips and tricks is for people who want to bake delicious treats yet don’t feel like doing all the work.

For example, frosting cupcakes can be a bit tedious. Instead, you’ll need to get a bag of large marshmallows.

Five minutes before your cupcakes are done in the oven, you’re going to place one large marshmallow on each cupcake and put them back in the oven. After the cupcakes are done baking, you’ll find that the marshmallow has melted, and your cupcake has a gooey layer of deliciousness on top.

  1. Need a Dairy-Free Alternative? 

If you’re trying to be a pro baker, then there are going to be many instances where you want to make some dairy-free alternatives. One of the best baking tips is to use avocado instead of butter in your recipe.

Avocado is a great alternative for butter, and it’s also good for your heart. You’ll want to use one whole avocado to one stick of butter.

If you’re not in the mood for avocado or don’t have any on hand, then you can also switch to applesauce instead of butter.

  1. Everything Is Sticking Together? 

One of the best tips from our baking guide is for amateur bakers who find everything is sticking together. The best way to ensure that your ingredients don’t stick together is to make sure that you flour everything. We mean everything!

You’ll want to start by flouring the tools you’re working with and even the surface that you’re working on. If the tools that you’re working with are your hands, then make sure to put flour on them!

If you need to cut through dough with a cookie cutter or knife, then you can add flour to that to make it easier to cut. Doing this will make the cuts neater as well.

  1. Cake Is Too Dry? 

When people eat cake, they want it to be moist and delicious. Some bakers find that their cake is dry and flakey.

If you’re looking to get that moist taste, then you’re going to want to add something extra to your cake before baking it. Yet, you might be wondering what that extra ingredient could be.

Most people find success by adding applesauce or yogurt to their cake. If you want to be a daring or creative baker, then you can even add mayonnaise to make your cake moist. Try it out next time!

  1. Don’t Have Powdered Sugar? 

Powdered sugar is a necessity in many recipes, which is why you might run out of it often. Don’t run out to the store and buy more yet!

Did you know you can make powdered sugar by grinding up white granulated sugar in a food processor? If you have regular sugar, then you can make it at home!

It might take a bit of extra time, but it will save you a trip to the supermarket.

Baking Hacks You Need to Know

There you have it! These are the best baking hacks that will turn you into a pro in the kitchen.

Your friends and family members will be impressed the next time you show up with a batch of baked goods. They will be begging for the recipe!

If you’re looking for more cooking or baking tips, then our blog has you covered. Make sure that you bookmark our page and keep coming back for more helpful posts like this one!


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Is Poke Safe to Eat? (the Answer Is Yes)


Are you wondering, “Is poke safe to eat?” This raw fish salad is a popular choice for its bright flavors, but the idea of eating raw fish might be scary for some. The good news is that poke is perfectly safe to eat.

Read on to learn why poke is a safe dish to add to your lineup!

Know That Raw Fish Must Be Certified 

If you’re concerned about consuming raw fish, know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates very specific guidelines to ensure the safety of the fish. To be served raw, fish needs to be frozen and meet other specifications when handled.

How is poke safe to eat? You can trust that raw fish, whether served as part of a poke salad or tuna, is the highest caliber when it shows up on your favorite restaurant’s menu.

Ask About Sustainability

Poke has become a popular menu item in recent years. As a favorite dish in the state of Hawaii, poke consists of cubed raw fish, Japanese-inspired seasonings, a healthy dose of seaweed, salt, and other ingredients.

Is poke salad safe to eat? Yes — and you’ll love the luscious mix of flavors!

With the rise in poke’s popularity, however, has come demands on the tuna and salmon supply. Fortunately, thanks to sustainable fishing and an active tuna supply, it appears that the fishing stock is in good shape. But if you have any concerns, you should feel free to ask your favorite restaurant about the sustainability of the fish they serve.

Is Poke Safe to Eat? Yes!

If you’re wondering if poke is safe, you should feel confident that it is. When handled properly, it’s perfectly safe to eat.

Another factor to consider is your health situation. Are you in good shape and normally careful about your eating habits? As long as you are healthy, poke is a safe option.

While some have raised concerns about the presence of mercury in fish, the bottom line is that fish offers far more health benefits than risks. You’ll gain valuable nutrients that will fortify your brain!

Buy Poke From an Active Vendor

It’s always smart to get poke or any raw fish from an active vendor. That way, you can trust that the high turnover allows the food to be fresh. Choosing a place like Steve’s Poke Bar means you’ll get poke that is fresh since poke is their focus!

Be wary of restaurants that are empty or not known for their fish dishes. In those instances, you run the risk of consuming fish that contains more bacteria. This can make you sick.

Enjoy Some Poke When You’re Hungry

Are you still wondering, “Is poke safe?” As long as you stick with reliable restaurants that manage their food with care, you will be safe eating poke. Don’t miss out on this tasty dish that will leave you craving more!

To find the latest information on all things food, check back for new articles.


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Make perfect gujiya with these tips


India is the land of desserts and sweets. This particular food is not only popular for giving you a delicate treat after the meals but also famous for occasions and celebrations. In fact, in India, no occasion is ever complete without dishware full of various kinds of sweets or dessert. Be it a rasgolla from West Bengal or the Sewaiya from Kashmir, when it comes to sweets; every single thing is escalated. 

This is why today we will talk about an amazing Indian sweet dish recipe which is famous for its unique, curvy shape and the delicate taste of nuts, coconut, and jaggery. It usually goes by the name of Gujiya or Karanji and is famous during the festivals of Teej, Holi, and many such occasions all around the Indian subcontinent. 

For this reason, here we are with an amazing recipe to make you learn about how to make gujiya easily at your home before any celebration. So, without making any further delay, let’s get started with the discussion!

Ingredients for filling

  • 200 gms of Nestlé MILKMAID
  • 2 tbsp dried raisins 
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped almonds
  • Half cup semolina
  • ¼ tsp of cardamom powder
  • 2 tbsp cashews
  • 150 to 200 gms of grated coconut

Ingredients needed for making dough

  • 125 gms of all-purpose flour
  • 4 tbsp of refined oil
  • ¼ cup of clean drinking water


  • First, we will work on the filling, which is one of the main important parts of the Indian sweets. In making the filling for gujiya, first, take a pan and put it on gas. Check the temperature and when it is slightly warm, add semolina to it and reduce the flame. Stir the content continuously to prevent burning. Roast the semolina till the color turns to light golden brown.
  • Once done, add the cardamom powder, raisins, almonds, cashews, and the grated coconut to the roasted semolina in the pan. 
  • Continue to stir the mixture and cook the filling till the contents are mixed well and have become dry. 
  • For making the dough, you need to add the all-purpose flour into a bowl along with the oil. After that, add the water and knead the contents properly till the stiff dough is formed. 
  • Once done, continue to knead it with knuckles till it gets semi-soft. Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and keep it aside. 
  • After the stipulated time, again knead the dough to release the air build-up and then divided it into sixteen round balls of equal shape. 
  • Make a flat puri shape, add the filling, and line it up on one half. Fold the other half over the filling such that you can attain the semicircular shape. Seal the edges using water to make sure that no filling is coming outside. 
  • Fry these in deep oil till both sides are golden brown. You can dip the fried gujiya in sugar syrup or simply serve it in the fried form. 


Even though many people are not a pro at making Indian sweets, using this recipe, you can easily make the gujiyas for the occasion at your home. So, enhance the festive mood this season by preparing this amazing delicacy for yourself and the ones you love the most. 

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Top 5 Most Popular Sweets In The World

Top 5 Most Popular Sweets In The World

Sweets are always being very much desirable for people all over the world. Especially, after having a bunch of meals, it seems essential to have some dessert items to get the food digested perfectly. In every part of the world, there is at least one famous sweet dish existing. But certain sweet dishes are famous all over the world and people love to customize them in their way to make it more blemishing. Today, we are going to explore some of those sweet dishes famous worldwide. Let’s start!

5 Worldwide Popular Sweet Dishes:

1.          Smarties

Smarties are a gluten-free sweet dish that originated in the UK. It comes with several mesmerizing features that extend your love for sweet dishes. Now, if you are a vegan and thinking about are smarties vegan or not, then don’t worry. It is perfectly a vegan sweet dish. Have it to satisfy your sweet love!

2.          Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored dessert from Italy. Now, it has become popular everywhere n the world. It is considered as the classic Italian dessert that is made up of coffee-soaked sponge fingers. Traditionally, it used to be layered with cocoa topping with some whipped cheese, sugar, and eggs but nowadays it is customized in various ways.

3.          Gulab Jamun

Found in almost every menu of top restaurants all over the world, this exclusive sweet dish from India gives people mouth-watering experience always. Gulab Jamun is made with dried or coconut milk powder, yogurt, butter, flour, etc. By mixing all of them, dough is made and rolled out to give a round shape. After frying the balls nicely in oil, it is dipped inside the syrup made with sugar. It is a popular sweet dish in India and is now found everywhere with some customization in its making process.

4.          Malva Pudding

Originated in South Africa, Malva pudding gives great peace to the mouth with its exotic taste and flavored essence. With warm sponge pudding and creamy sauce, it gives people a great experience for sweet dishes all around the globe.

5.          Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate, which is one of the favorite items for anyone all over the world is customized in mousse form to give an exciting experience to sweet lovers. Originated in France, it won the heart of the people in every part of the world.

If you love to have some sweets and satisfy your love for sweets, try them out wherever you go and feel the difference of customization made in different regions.

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