How to prepare soya chunks


Recently, after coming across a fact, I was taken aback. The people who are very fond of being a vegetarian do not like to cook it as it is a very labor-intensive process. This fact gave me a complete shock. Can this be the real reason behind not eating vegetarian food? Have they forgotten about nutrela soya granules? They are bite-sized soya nuggets. It is a great alternative to meat. It is very easy to prepare as well. The need is just to rehydrate the chunks by adding enough water and boil it. If you are successful in doing it, you have a variety of meals ready on your table. You arrive at the best flavor you have to remove all the excess water and marinate the soya granules.

What are soya Chunks?

Textured Vegetable Protein, Protein-rich food, omega 3 oils, and vitamins – all these are the contents of soya chunks. You can replace the meat diet completely by replacing it with soya chunks. It is also called a meal maker or soy meat. So do not be confused seeing the other names of them in the label when you shop it. All are the same. Knowing the quality of the product the production of soya boomed and many transformational products flooded the market. However, all these products are made from soy flour. You can buy soy products like granules, flakes, strips, and chunks.

There is no special flavor in these soya chunks. When you eat them you will get the feel of chewing meat. The whole texture of the product is chewy. You can make a variety of dishes to taste differently. This is possible by adding spices and herbs. It has to be served hot. The cooking of Soya chunks

The step to make any dish out of soya is to soak them in water and hydrate them again. If you want the real quick dish, all you have to do is to add one tablespoon of salt in water and heat the water and make it boil nicely. And then you have to cook them for 4- 5 minutes. In this stipulated time, it has to turn soft. Check it then and there, do not overcook it. Now it is time to drain the water and save the chunks in a separate bowl. This is now ready to be used in any recipe that you wish to make.

If at all you have enough time, try to soak the chunks at room temperature instead of soaking it in boiled water. Make sure you cover it with a lid on top of them. This set up is important as it will be able to soak the water evenly. This will require half an hour. After the process is complete, it is now ready to use for any dish you make.

Once the soya is hydrated again, the soya chunks will contain water but not any flavor. The only way to get the flavor is to drain off the water from the nutrela soya granules and leave them peacefully to marinate.

Paul Petersen

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