Why are food trucks one of the best highlights of any event?


With the rising demand for creativity and something trendy by the youth, food trucks have emerged well in the event industry. Their mobile restaurant and theme based designs have been the highlight of most personal and corporate events. A major demand was experienced during peak seasons like wedding, Christmas, sports, corporate events, etc… A few good examples are the corporate events at Riverside.

One of the reasons why food trucks enjoy the limelight for most events is due to minimal risks and low investments. It has become one of the popular choices in restaurants. With a variety of dishes and customized menus, they have raised the bar for event planners.

Why are food trucks so much in demand by event planners?

  1. They require minimal investment:

The cost of hiring a food truck on rent is lower than hiring a caterer or renting a venue with a restaurant/cafe. Thus, most event planners are switching to the idea of renting food truck. With less investment, they can spend the money on other core event activities.

  1. Their mobile facility:

One major highlight of food truck is their mobility. Event planners have experimented with many locations, especially for destination weddings with support of food trucks. This was a good idea initially.

  1. Low operation cost:

Enjoy low operation cost as food trucks have everything installed inside instead of hiring or renting the equipment. They have in-truck cooking facility where the food is freshly cooked, prepared, baked and served.

  1. Flexibility and availability:

Another reason to choose food truck is their flexibility and availability. Since these trucks can be driven along with the food options, they work till late night until the event lasts. They are also available with flexible deadlines. It is usually mutually agreed between the two parties and most of them are open for the same.

  1. Personalized promotion:

Food trucks can also be used to promote product and services. Along with the food options, their trucks are used to advertise the product or service during the event. It is a two-way strategy for conducting the event. Thus, they have emerged as major competitors to other caterers and restaurant owners.

Hire a food truck from reliable sources like corporate events at Riverside. Check the reviews of the previous clients and customers before you hire them for your event. Make the most of their services in a creative style!

Paul Petersen

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