Nepresson Pod – Knowing What the Numbers on the Pods Mean


If you are a coffee lover, then for sure you are familiar with Nespresso Pod. In the pod, you will see intensity marker level 13. You need to refer to the Nespresso caffeine chart so you will be able to know what the numbers in the pod indicate. The rule of thumb to remember when referring to the Nespresso pod is that the lighter the coffee pod is the lower the number on the Nespresso pod. For intensely flavored coffee, a higher number of Nespresso pods are needed. Here is the tricky part; Nespresso does not specify the caffeine level in its capsules. Basically, the intensity of the coffee primarily relies on the flavor of the bean. Should you want a more intense coffee, then you should go for dark strong tasting beans.

Nespresso Pod Intensity – Why Is It Important? 

Nespresso pod intensity matters for it tells you about the roast of the bean, which will directly affect the flavor of your coffee. A well-roasted coffee bean has deep flavor and aroma – the same goodness you expect from your coffee, especially earning the morning or during chilly weather. Knowing the intensity of the coffee pod lets you know what to expect from your coffee flavor-wise.

With that being said, what could be the strongest Nespresso pod? The answer is in the number of the pod. The intensity scale ranges from 1 to 13, and the higher the number the more intense the coffee flavor will be. Hence, if you want a super intense coffee, then you should go for the number 13 coffee pod. Of course, the size of the drink matters too as it will affect the coffee concentration thereby affecting the flavor of your coffee. Therefore, if you are a coffee lover, you should know how to interpret the numbers on the pods.


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