What Are the Different Types of Dinner Plates?


When it comes to dinner plates, everyone knows that they are really important — be it just a dinner at home or if you are hosting a dinner party. As table etiquettes dictate, there needs to be a dinner plate for every purpose, which really sets your dinner sets apart. From your bread plate to your salad plate, to your dinner plate, everything has to serve a purpose even if that purpose is food. The fact of the matter is that every kind of dinner plate tends to serve a different purpose and thankfully you Corelle dinner set is capable of addressing all your dinnerware needs in the best way possible. Knowing what kind of dinnerware to be used for different kind of things, makes an erudite difference when it comes to hosting dinners and parties and can help you in becoming the best host there is out there.

Apart from knowing the types of plates what you need to know about is the different kinds of dinnerware that are available in the market today, with so many materials to get to choose from. You could choose, between stoneware of earthenware, Vitrelle like your Corelle or the stainless steel plates which are a staple in every traditional Indian household — the options are plenty and let’s take a look at the different type of dinner plates available in the market today.

  • The first kind of material that we can take a look at is earthenware which is the relatively cheap option out here, made from ceramic that has been put through fire and glazing, they give a rustic appeal to your table. They are often thick and heavy, however, when it comes to the durability — they are quite prone to chipping as compared to let’s say your Corelle dinner set. Apart from this earthenware is generally porous, so one has to make sure that they are not kept submerged in water for long periods of time.
  • Stoneware is generally a let’s say more durable when compared to earthenware since it has a bit of glass-like material added to it, so as to enhance its durability. Generally thicker in build, when you compare it to other finer dinnerware like porcelain and China, you will find that it is more opaque. One of the best things about stoneware is the kind of finish you can get in it and also that it is fairly easy to take care of and maintain. From going into the microwave to being washed in the dishwasher, your stoneware dinner set is like those old Corningware dinner set — durable and versatile. The only thins that you do need to be really careful of, is to not expose your stoneware to a sudden change in temperature.
  • Made out of fine-particle clay, Porcelain or china is generally much more durable and non-porous as compared to earthenware, owing to the fact that it is blasted at extremely high temperatures. With a much delicate and thinner body, they get a translucent elegant appearance due to firing and glazing process with delicate patterns made on them makes them look really high end. Used generally for more formal events, they make your meal look really elegant and are generally safe for usage in most appliances, except the ones that have metal detailing on them, which makes them unfit for use in a microwave.
  • Extremely durable and non-porous vitrified glass is synonymous with a Corelle dinner set. From its opaque design and to the detailing of it, it is basically glass that has been fired at such high temperatures that it has become almost unbreakable. Fit for both at-home use and formal dinner settings, your Corelle dinner set would be your constant companion without fail through all kinds of settings.

An honorary mention is deserved by the ready stainless steel plates, which you will find in almost every Indian household, though not microwave safe, being metal they are extremely durable and fit for everyday use.

So there you have it the types of dinner plates that are available in the market today and how they fare when it comes to usage — from an expert recommendation you can say that a Corelle dinner set is your best bet because it gives you utility as well as elegance, coupled into one.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise