Grillin’ Ape the Latest Japanese Food Craze In Manila



Filipinos have a serious inclination towards Japanese cuisine. You will find numerous restaurants selling Japanese food in Manila. If you love the simple and yet unique taste of Japanese dishes then you are sure to love Manila. You can check out the list of the best Japanese restaurant in Manila 2019 to find places to eat.

Amongst all the other restaurants in Manila, one name that tops the charts is that of Grillin’ Ape. This is a trendy, hangout spot for both the locals and tourists. This is one of the best sake and yakitori joint in Manila. If you search the list of the best Japanese restaurants in manila 2019, you are sure to find Grillin’ Ape as one of the options.

About Grillin’ Ape

Grillin’ Ape is one of the best places to eat in Manila. This yakitori joint serves you with the best quality Japanese dishes to satisfy your taste buds. From sushi to sake, they have it all in store for their visitors. Must try its belly bowl which consists of juicy pork belly, pork balls, and yummy bacon wrap rolls. Drizzled with their special yakitori sauce, it’s a winner! If you want to try the best sushi in Manila 2019 then this is the place to be.   

The main aim of the restaurant is to offer excellent dining to its customers. They serve healthy and delicious food to people. They make sure that no one leaves their joint with a hungry stomach. Their objective is to feed the community and families. They strongly believe in their tagline, “Eat Better, Live Better.” 


The mission of the restaurant is simple and clear. They want to feed the community to promote better living.

  1. They distribute food boxes to street kids.
  2. A percentage of their profits annually goes to the education scholarships for street kids.
  3. They own a joint program for the employees so that they can be empowered to help their community.

They want to make fast food conveniently accessible to everyone in Manila. They aim to eliminate hunger and help kids go to school. Grillin’ Ape is one of the best affordable restaurants in Manila. 

Grillin’ Ape is located at Eastwood Cybermall, Level 3. Quezon City.

Paul Petersen

The author Paul Petersen