Turkish food, breakfast and meals


Turkish food

Traditional Turkish dishes:

Turkey is a country with various and global cuisine. Istanbul is a bug tourist city with a great variety of food that is influenced by diverse culture. We suggest you try traditional cuisine. But there is an important question here: what food should i try among Turkish dishes ?

Turkish food , Breakfast:

Breakfast in Turkey is a bit different from Europe. for example, Turkish people prefer tea instead of coffee most of the time . Tomatoes and cucumbers are also two important things in Turkish breakfast. Other things that is for breakfast include cheese, honey ,cream and eggs . The most common type of bread in Turkey is white bread. We can also mention Turkish cheese (kasar peyniri) ,black or green olives (zeytin) ,butter , thick cream (kimak ) ,honey ,jams ,eggs and yomorta for a very popular Turkish breakfast.

Turkish food


Menemen is a tasty and delicious Turkish omelette. to make this yummy omelette, you should cook onions and peppers with tomatoes and finally mix it with eggs ,aromatic vegetables,parsley and black pepper. It’s a very simple and quick breakfast with a crisp taste . Menemen is the most popular breakfast in Turkey . This food is the local food of Izmir that made in different ways ,but the main ingredient of this food is tomatoes. this is a very healthy,simple and natural breakfast that tastes with extras like cheese ,meat ,mushrooms ,sour cream ,sausage or even chicken or eggplant .

Turkish food, Meze (appetizer) :

Meze in Turkey is actually a good appetizer . There are many restaurants in Turkey that are specialized in meze . In other words we can say that mezes usually served at the restaurants . Usually, the waiter comes and presents everything in the restaurant menu. Everyone will choose one or more ,then the waiter place the mezes in the middle of your table . Bread completes different mezes . Here we have most of the mezes that Turkish people love :

Chili tomato (Ezme )

Grilled eggplant with yogurt( patlican ezmesi)

Grilled eggplant salad (patlican salatsi )

Fried eggplant with tomato sauce (saksuka)

Peppermint yogurt

Zeytinyagli enginar

Turkish food :

Kuru fasulye :

What do you think about beans ?it may not be very interesting to you ,but here we have a different bean meal that will surly appeal to anyone. Bean can be a tasty and delicious food if cooked professionally with other ingredients such as butter ,tomato and tomato paste. Also you can make this food with or without meat or you can make it with thin slices of beef that called pastirma in Turkey . The best places for having this delicious food are the restaurants located in Sulaimaniyah Mosque .

Lufer fish :

If you ask locals about the popular traditional foods ,one of the answers is definitely fish . A combination of fish and different drinks. Of course you can choose your own drink. However there is a question that which fish should be order ? The answer is different and it depends on your taste . But if you ask us ,we say lufer is a great choice.

Adna kebab:

If you are a meat lover ,be sure to try this dish in Turkey . To make Adna kebab we use mutton,chopped vegetables and pepper . Although the raw materials in this food is low but it’s cooked in a special way . Any tourist who travels to Turkey will definitely try Turkish kebabs because Turkish kebabs have a worldwide reputation. Another kebab in Turkey is kuyu kebab that is very delicious. this food is specifically for the Constantinople city near the black sea .

Midye Dolma:

One of the most common street foods in Istunbul that filled with fragrant rice , vegetables and spices is midye dolma . This is a very popular dish in Turkey and you can pour lemon juice over it and then serve .

Turkish food

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How to Plan For a Pizza Party


Be it a birthday or high school graduation celebration, pizza parties are a classic way to celebrate the occasion. Pizza has become a staple food in parties for Aussies as it is a crowd-pleasing meal that every party goer can enjoy. Besides, the best pizza in Newtown is affordable and delicious.

Your guest may have different tastes, but everybody loves to eat pizza. About 93% of the population eats pizza at least once a month. The hardest part of planning a party might be making sure you have options for vegetarians and gluten-free guests. But, when you opt for Newton pizza for your party, every guest will get something to eat. In addition to it, you can also offer options such as calzones, salads, and pasta.  An event is judged by the food is served. If something goes wrong, it will be remembered forever.

Here are a few tips for planning a pizza party:-

Pick the right location 

Location is one of the major factors that influence the party. The first step of planning for a pizza party is picking the right location. Based on the party, the options for pizza party venues are limitless. There are the best pizza places in Newtown if you are hosting a birthday party. If it is a summer party, consider having the party somewhere outdoors to enjoy the weather.

If you are renting a place, ensure the venue allows outside catering so you can order the best pizza in Newtown. You could also host a party at your house if you are on a tight budget.

Set the date and time 

Pizza can be enjoyed at any time. Yes, it can be a hearty meal for dinner or a fast lunch for an afternoon party. You can have pizza for a brunch celebration as well. When choosing the time and date party, consider the age of the guests. While adults may enjoy a late-night party, young attendees are likely to be hungry earlier in the day.

Weekends are the right time for a pizza party. But, ensure to order pizzas in advance if your favourite shop is busy on Friday or Saturday.

Choose varieties of pizzas           

Although every guest will have their choices of toppings and pizza preferences, it can be difficult to please everyone, which is why you need to order varieties of pizzas so that every guest will have something to eat.

Who doesn’t likes to eat cheese pizza? Plain cheese pizzas are an easy crowd-pleaser. So, order a lot of cheese pizzas for guests who don’t like other toppings. Along with cheese, you could provide extra toppings, seasonings, and sauces. Be creative in toppings as well. You can stick with popular pizza toppings like pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms. You can also opt for a familiar combination, like a vegetable pizza, meat lover’s pizza, or barbeque chicken pizza. Consider the dietary restriction when ordering pizza.

The key is to select the right place for ordering pizzas. A great pizzeria will offer an extensive menu of classic favourites and new flavours to taste

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5 Crucial Benefits of Delivery Management Software


In today’s world, on-demand delivery culture has spread all over the globe, and customers expect delivery options that fit their fast-paced lifestyle. Therefore, as a food business, you need to ensure you have the necessary software and strategies for keeping your operations working for customers. 

One of the best ways to improve your operations is by investing in high-quality delivery management software that works to eradicate redundant processes and make your operations as effective and reliable as possible. 

If you still haven’t incorporated this kind of software in your business, or if you are currently looking to upgrade, read on to learn about five crucial benefits of delivery management software.

1. Driver Tracking

One of the most significant benefits of delivery management software is that it enables you to obtain real-time information on your drivers’ locations. Once integrated, the advanced GPS tracker that is included in the software will grant you access to each worker’s location, which aids you in determining any possible issues and preventing them from happening in the future. Many eateries quickly detect potential problems or underperforming workers thanks to their delivery management software. 

Plus, customers will be able to track the driver and receive accurate waiting times. This can happen because the software collects all the required information and then uses the data to provide precise times to customers in a few seconds.

2. Optimized Routes

In addition to ensuring that you are employing the most productive workers, a delivery management software will also help you determine the most efficient routes. The last thing you want is to have your customers complaining about the delivery time of their orders because your drivers went an inefficient way. Instead, by opting for a delivery management software that incorporates accurate algorithms, you can be assured that your food is getting transported in the least amount of time

Moreover, this helps you to produce a positively advanced end-to-end delivery platform, decreasing fulfillment costs while also providing the best experience possible for diners. The best delivery management software accomplishes this by calculating driver availability, location proximity, and delivery traffic conditions. The route optimization and driver tracking features will all be recorded on your dashboard, along with delivery time, distance, pick-up, and drop-off location.

3. Increased Customer Communication 

When it comes to your eatery, every decision you make should be focused on improving the customer experience. By opting to obtain a delivery management software, you are making sure that you are able to keep the customer in the loop, as the software will aid you in providing them with instant notifications throughout the delivery process. 

Customers have high expectations, and they prefer to be notified throughout the waiting process. For example, when an order is being prepared, the system should automatically inform the customer, and then once it is sent out for transit, the customer should be further updated. These notifications help to manage customer expectations while keeping them up-to-date. 

Furthermore, through the software, you will be able to receive direct feedback from the customer, which allows them to feel respected and heard as you are providing accessible avenues for communication. 

4. Reduced Costs

While there is no denying that a high-quality delivery management software is an investment, it is actually going to save you money in the long-term. You will no longer need to employ a worker (or multiple workers) to manually enter each order into a system, thereby enabling you to cut costs on an unnecessary wage. What’s more, having this work done by software means that it is an error-free system that will eradicate any human errors. It also saves your business time and effort. 

This replacement of manual task assignment also means that delivery tasks can be controlled from remote locations, and drivers can be notified through their own devices. Importantly, the software does all the required work, which is then sent to your database and distributed to a driver. You can let the software take care of everything, while you and your workers focus on other aspects of the business. 

5. Repeat Customers

As a restaurant, you want to provide customers with the best experience possible so that they decide to dine with you again. As customers favor hassle-free and seamless checkout options and delivery, they want to be ordering from eateries that have specialized delivery management software. 

By investing in this essential software, you are not only improving your restaurant’s processes and cutting unnecessary costs, but you are also increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood that they will turn into repeat customers. You need to have speedy and reliable processes for getting your customers their food. This is vital for growing your business and standing out from the competition.

Does your eatery use delivery management software? Are you considering upgrading your restaurant inventory management system? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts and any relevant experiences in the comments below! 


Ahmad Alzaini is the co-founder and CEO of Foodics, a fast-growing foodtech startup. A businessman by nature, Alzaini is an app aficionado, developing businesses in Saudi Arabia within several industries. Today, Foodics has extended to new markets across the MENA region, processing over 1 billion transactions, and offering the latest technology in POS and restaurant management.

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HiLite 1 Pack Fixed Neck Economy Bib Apron – Pencil Pocket – Wrinkle Resistant Unisex – 811


Aprons give a professional look for all the employees from a chef in the restaurant to a doctor in the healthcare industry. They not only help to protect clothes from damage but also provide many other benefits too. They include various colorful options, one size length fits to most, easy to change, and more.

By visiting HiLite Uniform Inc, website, you can find the best fixed neck economy Bib apron. They provide original polyester made and highly durable aprons with pencil pocket, nylon tie, and more, at affordable price. Also, they are machine washable and resistant free too.

The following information on different type of aprons helps you in choosing the best one.

Bib aprons

This is the traditional style of apron. You can tie it around your waist and it has a free neck loop. Moreover, it contains pockets to keep essential items such as guest checks, thermometers, order pads, or other easy kitchen utensils. It is also called as chef aprons because it is ideal for people who spend a lot of time in kitchen.

Bistro aprons

These aprons are long and cover the pants also, so they are different from other type of aprons. Additionally, they will have pockets so that your staff can carry guest checks, beverage straws, pens, and others. They are suitable for staff working in the front of a restaurant or house.

Dishwasher aprons

This apron is usually waterproof and comes in full-length design. They extend up to the knees, and helpful to wash the dishes in hotels, restaurants, and in other places. You can also find fire retardant, cut-resistant and heat-resistant aprons for people who working in different places.

In addition to these, there are many other types including 4-way aprons, waist aprons, server aprons, and more. You can purchase the best suitable one depending on your profession. Choose the best store and place order to purchase your favorite style aprons.

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Having a Bar in Your Restaurant


If you run a successful restaurant, consider adding a bar. The set up depends on the theme and size of your restaurant. The entire process of setting up a bar may be complete in a few weeks if you work with a good design company like Dawnvale. The following are a few reasons why you should consider having a restaurant bar.

  • It May Serve as the Waiting Area

Your customers can sit at the bar while they wait for their tables. This increases customer satisfaction and increases your walk-ins.

  • Foods and Drinks are a Good Combination

Your customers will enjoy having drinks with their food. Your restaurant bar will attract corporates, friends, and any groups that hope to have lively conversations.

  • Improved Profit Margins

A bar helps you increase your profit margins. It helps you make money even from guests that are not diners. When your competitors only serve soft drinks and beverages, you will have a competitive advantage. Most drinks are more profitable than food.

  • Your Customers Don’t Need Reservations

Booking reservations can be annoying for a lot of customers. If you have a bar, your customers can walk in and get excellent service even without a reservation.

Why Customers Prefer Eating at Restaurant Bars


Versatility is one of the reasons why most people prefer to eat at restaurant bars. They are convenient for solo diners as they don’t want to book a reservation. Customers also get the chance to enjoy their favorite foods and drinks under the same roof.

A Vibrant Social Life

The bar part of a kitchen restaurant is usually vibrant. Restaurant bars are great for diners who wish to socialize. It is also great for groups that want to have fun. Diners do not have to settle for the traditional, closed-off tables of restaurants. The bar creates a feeling of openness and encourages interactions. It is a great way to turn new guests into regulars.

Attracting Customers to Your Restaurant Bar

If you choose to add a bar to your restaurant, you must learn to attract the right customers. Your potential customer base is determined by your demographics, concept, and location.

Do some research to identify your competitors and learn what they are offering. Keep the following in mind if you are trying to attract the right customers;

  1. The theme, Menu, and Prices

Once you have established your potential clientele, use your menu, theme, and prices to attract them. If, for example, you are trying to attract sports lovers, your menu and theme should appeal to a sports-loving crowd.

If you are trying to establish a high-end restaurant bar that targets older adults, the ambiance should be cool and laid back. Your menu should include fine wine and the music should be classical.


Your marketing techniques should be appropriate for your target clientele. If, for example, you target families, consider having nights where kids get free meals.


The location of your restaurant will determine the customers you attract. Use it to your advantage. If for, example, your restaurant is located in the heart of the business district, you are likely to attract professionals.

If you decide to add a bar to your restaurant, work with a good design company. They will help you come up with a design that maximizes profits.

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How to Reheat Pizza the Right Way


Pizza is perhaps one of the most versatile restaurant foods for its value in leftovers. Many people even feel as though leftovers can be even better than the fresh pizza that they get from their favourite pizza parlour. When it comes to reheating pizza, there are definitely some professional methods that can be used to help it taste fresh. Here are some of the best methods you can use for reheating pizza the right way:

Never microwave it:

Microwaves heat up the water molecule is in our food and this can create steam. The problem is that the steam is actually leaving the pizza and all of the moisture in the pizza is leaving with it. A microwave can be used to bring pizza up to room temperature but it should never be used to actually see the pizza. You can bring the pizza up to room temperature using a 30 to 45 second microwave timer, but after that you should choose another receipt method.

Try a cast-iron pan on the stove top:

Cast iron holds temperature extremely well and if you have leftover pizza, it’s one of the best ways that you can reheat a slice. Get a cast-iron pan and heat up to a fair temperature. Place the pizza down on the pan and let it reheat between 1 to 3 min. until the sliced no longer sags as you pick up the end.

Pan and broiler:

Your oven broiler can also be a great way to heat up the topics. Set your broiler to high and then position the leftover pizza around 4 inches below the broiler. Let the pizza heat up for 60 seconds and it should be ready to serve.

Using your pizza stone:

If you have a pizza stone, you can seated to around 450° and placed the leftover pizza in the center of the stone for 6 min. When using a pizza stone, a leftover piece of pizza can often taste just as fresh as it did the day before.

Consider these top options and more for reheating pizza.

This post was written by Shan Bakrac, owner of Top Slice Pizzeria. Top Slice Pizzeria is a pizzeria in St Petersburg, Florida with over 35 years of experience, and the best ingredients on the market to make the freshest pizza! If you’re in the Downtown St. Pete area come on in, place an order for pickup or find us on Uber EATS!

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Grillin’ Ape the Latest Japanese Food Craze In Manila



Filipinos have a serious inclination towards Japanese cuisine. You will find numerous restaurants selling Japanese food in Manila. If you love the simple and yet unique taste of Japanese dishes then you are sure to love Manila. You can check out the list of the best Japanese restaurant in Manila 2019 to find places to eat.

Amongst all the other restaurants in Manila, one name that tops the charts is that of Grillin’ Ape. This is a trendy, hangout spot for both the locals and tourists. This is one of the best sake and yakitori joint in Manila. If you search the list of the best Japanese restaurants in manila 2019, you are sure to find Grillin’ Ape as one of the options.

About Grillin’ Ape

Grillin’ Ape is one of the best places to eat in Manila. This yakitori joint serves you with the best quality Japanese dishes to satisfy your taste buds. From sushi to sake, they have it all in store for their visitors. Must try its belly bowl which consists of juicy pork belly, pork balls, and yummy bacon wrap rolls. Drizzled with their special yakitori sauce, it’s a winner! If you want to try the best sushi in Manila 2019 then this is the place to be.   

The main aim of the restaurant is to offer excellent dining to its customers. They serve healthy and delicious food to people. They make sure that no one leaves their joint with a hungry stomach. Their objective is to feed the community and families. They strongly believe in their tagline, “Eat Better, Live Better.” 


The mission of the restaurant is simple and clear. They want to feed the community to promote better living.

  1. They distribute food boxes to street kids.
  2. A percentage of their profits annually goes to the education scholarships for street kids.
  3. They own a joint program for the employees so that they can be empowered to help their community.

They want to make fast food conveniently accessible to everyone in Manila. They aim to eliminate hunger and help kids go to school. Grillin’ Ape is one of the best affordable restaurants in Manila. 

Grillin’ Ape is located at Eastwood Cybermall, Level 3. Quezon City.

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Enjoy Great Food with the Right Restaurants


Food has the power to uplift one’s mood. If you are stressed, you eat. If something good happens, you celebrate and eat. It is the reason why there are plenty of restaurants all around. If you are going to search the city of Montreal, you will notice there are many restaurants out there. Each serves a variety of foods. Some have house specialty, which makes their patron coming back for more.

Kid-friendly restaurants

If you are dining out with your kids, it is best to choose kids-friendly restaurants. There are amenities for kids to enjoy while the adults are dining. There is also a menu specially made for kids. Basically, your kids are in their minds while they are making the menu. The food selections are vast – ideal for both kids and adults.

Restaurants for corporate events

Corporate events need to be celebrated in a restaurant with a private function. Business meetings are where deals and partnerships are sealed. So, it is important to choose a restaurant that has a formal ambiance. The place should be cozy and quiet. The foods should be of top-notch quality. You surely don’t want to bring your client to a cheap restaurant. As you know, cheap restaurants equate to cheap foods.

Restaurants for date/lovers

If you are taking the love of your life on your first date, you surely want to take her to a special restaurant. The best restaurant is a place where there are privacy and romantic ambiance. You can check out restaurants with private rooms Montreal. If you want to impress your date, do not settle for cheap restaurants. After all, it is your first date. You surely want to make it unforgettable. You should also check the food selections. You can call the restaurant ahead of time and ask for their menu. They may have something special that is not written on their menu.

Restaurants are vast and so you have to make sure you do your research well. That way, you will be able to choose a restaurant that serves the best food. Most importantly, you will be able to choose a restaurant that suits your preference.









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How Does The Bark Form in The Montreal Smoked Meat?

Product LineCornerstone

Normally the rubs, the type of wood used in smoking the meat as well as the meat specifically the brisket and its fat contribute to a chemical equation resulting in bark formation. Eventually, the bark is formed as you caress perfectly seasoned meat with water vapour and smoke for hours and at the last, you get the bark, delicious and mouther watering. There are plenty of interesting chemical happenings take place in the process of preparing the smoked meat which ultimately leads to the formation of bark. Taste the Montreal smoked meat in Jarry Smoked Meat Montreal and experience the bark that is so delicious.

When you say “bark” it may be confusing with barking of a dog. The bark is a form of a combination of spices used or applied over the meat combining with the meat protein before it is smoked in a smoker. A good bark on pork or preferably on a brisket would make an outstanding flavour that is tasted rarely. You find the layer of onions, ogres, parfaits etc. in smoked meat. In addition to this, you have the thin membranous pellicle, juicy inner meat etc. The entire things are protected by the bark. But the question is how the bark is formed?

In fact, the bark is formed by two chemical processes namely maillard reaction and polymerization. All the processes start to work when the moisture from the meat along with the water vapour from the smoke further dissolve the water-soluble ingredients. The salt molecular are small enough when dissolved in order to penetrate the surface of the meat and this forms smoke ring. The rest of the rub ingredients happen to be big enough which eventually rest on the top and start melting slowly and get dissolved in the fat which bubbles to the surface. In the process, the ceramelization does not occur because the process takes place at a temperature of 300-degree Fahrenheit. 

While the process of cooking becomes slow and low with a temperature of 300-degree Fahrenheit, it prevents the ceramelizations and slows the milliard reaction. Eventually, the rub that rests on the surface remains sitting in the liquefied and warmed fats of the meat. This processes eventually increase the flavours of the spices and boosts the outstanding flavour of the bark. In the process, the smoke sticks on the meat particularly into the dissolved run and ultimately changes the colour of the bark in the process of smoking. The process continues utill it gets a dark colour. As the meat moisture gets evaporated the rub begins to dry and in the process, the sugar gets baked and hardened. 

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Choosing the Best Sparkling Water – What to Keep In Mind?


Sparkling water or also known as fizzy water is a carbonated concoction, which makes it more thirst quenching than regular water. If you are going to shop around, you will notice that the choice for sparkling water is vast.

How do you go about choosing the best thirst quencher?

  • Clean and crisp club soda

Clean and crisp are the two words to describe the best soda drink. The taste should be slightly salty, subtle, and mineral-like flavor. Some brands use complicated and complex ingredients, which alters the flavor of the drink. Basic sodium bicarbonate is enough to make the drink good in taste.

  • Mineral tasting water

Mineral water has a distinct taste. It has a bitter aftertaste, which indicates that it has minerals on it. However, an extremely bitter taste is kind of yucky. When choosing mineral water, choose the one that has a slightly bitter aftertaste but not too overpowering.

  • Sparkling water

Sparkling water is one of the most common choices for thirst quenchers. It comes in two options – plain and flavored. It tastes something without sugar or even artificial sweeteners.

If you are going to shop around, you will notice that there are many sparkling water options on the market. One of the brand new brands is Slice sparkling water. It is pretty new when compared with other brands of sparkling water but it is packed with all the good stuff. Why should you choose it over other sparkling water?

  • It is made from 100% organic fruit juice.
  • It is a guilt-free way of quenching thirst because it only contains 25 calories.
  • It is good even for people with diabetes because it contains no sugar. Its sweet taste came from the natural organic fruit juices.
  • You won’t experience undesirable effect such as sugar rush. This is typically present if you drink sodas and other fruit juices.
  • It is safe for people allergic to gluten as it is gluten-free. The fruits used in making Slice sparkling water come from farms certified by the USDA.

Slice is indeed the healthy way to quench thirst. It is quite new in the market but it is packed with all the healthy stuff making it an ideal drink for everyone.


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