Quench Your Thirst: A Guide to the Different Types of Beer


In 2021, the United States produced 81% of all types of beer, while 19% will import from over 100 countries. Last year’s Great American Beer Festival featured 2,000 different breweries and 175 distinct beer kinds.

Beer is an integral element of American society, whether it’s an ice-cold longneck after a long day at work or a classy pint with your buddies. You may ask from time to time, “What are all these different varieties of beer? How do I start drinking like a pro?”

Now, we’ll go through the fundamentals so you can learn more about different types of beer.

How Beer Quenches Your Thirst

Beer is a globally popular alcoholic beverage. You may like specific beer brands depending on your preferences.

Beer may be the best choice if you’re searching for something light. There are even more unusual beer types, such as wheat beer and sour beer.

Everyone can enjoy each sort of beer because it has its distinct flavor.


Warm fermentation gives the ale a sweeter, fuller-bodied, and fruitier flavor than cold fermentation. Ale yeast is used, which climbs to the top of the reaction chamber and produces a sweeter, more luscious beer.

Brewing at higher temperatures for less time leads to a quicker brewing process. Imparts a fruitier, richer flavor to ales. When it comes to lager vs. ale, it all boils down to personal preference.


Lager is a tank beer, meaning the yeast ferments at the bottom of the container. Lager is less dense and lighter in color than ale.

The yeast utilized affects the beer’s flavor, aroma, and appearance. Lagers have a pale color.


Stouts are the darkest type of beer and have a rich, full flavor and a strong, often bitter flavor. There are many subcategories of beer within these categories, so there is sure to be a type of beer that suits your taste.

Whether you enjoy a light and refreshing lager or a dark and flavorful stout, quench your thirst with a beer that is perfect for you.

How To Choose the Right Beer for You

Each beer has a different taste, and you may prefer one over another. If you’re not sure what kind of beer to get, ask your neighborhood barista or bartender for advice. Once you know what kind of beer you want but aren’t sure about the brand, request a taster.

Different beers have different ABVs or alcohol by volume, so if you’re looking to get drunk, make sure to get a high-ABV beer. If you’re looking for a light beer, get one with a low ABV.

Different beers also have different IBU or International Bitterness Units, so if you’re looking for a bitter beer, get one with a high IBU.

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To Sum Up The Different Types of Beers

If you’re ever feeling thirsty, beer is always a great option! Be sure to try out all the different types of beer so that you can find your favorite. There are a wide variety of craft beers styles, ranging from pale ales to stouts, lagers and many more. 

And next time you’re at a party, don’t be afraid to be the one to suggest a beer tasting.

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