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Raw salmon fillets

Talk of healthy fish varieties, and many people will have salmon on their list. Salmon is a fatty fish, known for its nutrient profile. It contains a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids, desirable for cardiovascular health.

Ever wondered where does your salmon cuts come from? If you are buying from a local supermarket, don’t be surprised to find that these fishes are bred in a farm. Just like you get your chicken from a poultry farm, regular salmon (and other varieties) comes from fish farms. What you need for your diet is wild caught salmon. As the name suggests, these fishes are caught from oceans, lakes and rivers – from their natural environments, and not a farm.

Is wild salmon better?

Yes, absolutely. Aquaculture relies on fish feed that is made from processed ingredients. On the contrary, wild salmon eats invertebrates in its natural environment. Studies reveal that wild salmon contains more of the important minerals, such as zinc and iron, while farmed salmon may have higher levels of Vitamin C and saturated fats. If you are on a calorie-conscious diet, wild salmon is lower in calories, and therefore, a better choice. In recent years, farmed salmon has been under the scanner, for the presence of contaminants. Not to forget, fish farming relies often on antibiotics, which is a matter of health concern.

Should you skip farmed fishes/salmon for wild salmon? 

If you don’t mind paying the extra price, wild salmon is definitely a better choice. Think of this as choosing between regular beef and 100% grass-fed beef. Animals and fishes that grow in natural environments are healthier for obvious reasons. While farmed salmon is not low on nutrients, it can be high on contaminants, and that could be a reason to worry. If you are pregnant, or are choosing fish for your kids, wild salmon is always a better choice.

Where to buy wild salmon?

In Canada, there are meat delivery services that deliver wild salmon to customers’ doorsteps. These are services that have tied up with local fishermen to bring fresh wild salmon and other fishes, within the reach of masses. You can rely on these services for bulk and regular orders, with lucrative discounts from time to time.  How do you decide if the fish/meat delivery service is offering the right product? Just check for the source. In case of wild salmon, the packaging should mention all details, including when the fish was caught and packaged.

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