Leveraging Technology For Business Growth

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Months of lockdown have forced many people to purchase online. Ecommerce apps have disrupted the buying behavior of consumers. Thanks to the advancement in the technology,  availability of smart devices, smartphones, ipads, etc that made it possible for the brands and the consumers to easily shift their base from offline to online. Not just that most of the brands generate 3/4 of their revenue just by the online purchase be it through e-commerce or with their mobile application.

Today if you are looking for a home-based workout you have an app for it with the option of live workouts at home. For midnight cravings you have an app from where you can order the food showing you all the nearby options. Infact, right from grocery to chicken delivery, everything can be purchased online with just a mobile application. Last-minute vacation planning, tickets can be booked with a single tap on the phone. We have become so dependent on these mobile applications that we cannot even imagine our day to day life without them. We cannot deny that mobile applications have become an integral part of our life.

A lot of startups and businesses have leveraged their business growth with their online presence and with the development of the mobile application. FreshToHome is a Bangalore based startup that started in 2015 with a one-stop online marketplace to deliver antibiotic and chemical-free fresh raw chicken, mutton, seafood, etc at your doorstep operating in Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Trivandrum, Thrissur and even in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and more. Without the hassle of going to the market, consumers can order the meat, fish, etc online. A lot of people also don’t like to visit the fish markets because of the smell and the crowd. Keeping in mind the size of the Indian meat market, demand for fresh meat, chicken, marinates, lack of quality, and the unorganized supply market FreshToHome accelerated their business growth by an online presence. Not just that the FreshToHome mobile application has a feature for the fisherman through which they can get a fair price for their fishes by placing their bid. Across 125 harbors and 1500 fisherman have bid till now. FreshToHome currently fulfills 1.5 million orders per month and is leveraging the AI-based technology business innovation to bring superior value to the customers.

Technology is revolutionizing the way businesses are operating. Small businesses are using the array of tech everything right from servers to applications to develop a competitive advantage. Companies are going through a complete digital transformation. With the right integration of technology with digital, the companies are expanding their user base and providing convenience to their customers. It is likely that the future looks promising for the business who are adapting the latest technology.

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