Choosing the Best Sparkling Water – What to Keep In Mind?


Sparkling water or also known as fizzy water is a carbonated concoction, which makes it more thirst quenching than regular water. If you are going to shop around, you will notice that the choice for sparkling water is vast.

How do you go about choosing the best thirst quencher?

  • Clean and crisp club soda

Clean and crisp are the two words to describe the best soda drink. The taste should be slightly salty, subtle, and mineral-like flavor. Some brands use complicated and complex ingredients, which alters the flavor of the drink. Basic sodium bicarbonate is enough to make the drink good in taste.

  • Mineral tasting water

Mineral water has a distinct taste. It has a bitter aftertaste, which indicates that it has minerals on it. However, an extremely bitter taste is kind of yucky. When choosing mineral water, choose the one that has a slightly bitter aftertaste but not too overpowering.

  • Sparkling water

Sparkling water is one of the most common choices for thirst quenchers. It comes in two options – plain and flavored. It tastes something without sugar or even artificial sweeteners.

If you are going to shop around, you will notice that there are many sparkling water options on the market. One of the brand new brands is Slice sparkling water. It is pretty new when compared with other brands of sparkling water but it is packed with all the good stuff. Why should you choose it over other sparkling water?

  • It is made from 100% organic fruit juice.
  • It is a guilt-free way of quenching thirst because it only contains 25 calories.
  • It is good even for people with diabetes because it contains no sugar. Its sweet taste came from the natural organic fruit juices.
  • You won’t experience undesirable effect such as sugar rush. This is typically present if you drink sodas and other fruit juices.
  • It is safe for people allergic to gluten as it is gluten-free. The fruits used in making Slice sparkling water come from farms certified by the USDA.

Slice is indeed the healthy way to quench thirst. It is quite new in the market but it is packed with all the healthy stuff making it an ideal drink for everyone.


Christine Baron

The author Christine Baron