BBQs 2u Representing A Few New Oven Models Of Kamado Joe


A few well-known oven companies like Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbecue, and Ooni Pizza are being represented by the UK’s leading barbeque supplier BBQs 2u, who is very passionate about all kinds of barbeques and have been engaged in this business for the last 3 generations.

Since 2002, BBQs 2u has been selling barbecues to bbq restaurant denver co and hence has got very good knowledge and experience about barbecues that they are very happy to share with their customers whoever visit their shop.

Besides selling different ovens of the above-mentioned companies, BBQs 2u also deals with their accessories too. BBQs 2u offers all these accessories at an affordable cost and also provides the best customer service.

Following are the 2 different kamado joe bundle UK oven models that BBQs 2u is offering now.


This model is an ancient, Asian-style grill, which can offer rich, smoky flavor to fish, meat, and vegetables. The air in this model flows through the ceramic body of the grill and comes out of its vented dome. The charcoals used will then get the fire to produce smoke and heat.

Although Kamado Joe is following the old tradition of grilling but has modernized the classic style of the grill with its innovative accessories, unparalleled artisanship, and different flexible cooking surfaces.

There are much thicker walls to retain heat and can grill meats more efficiently and effectively as compared to any other grills. After pre-heating, Kamado grills become very stable and can easily cook at high or low temperatures till there is charcoal and oxygen available. Kamado grills are made from ceramic compounds and are quite durable.

Kamado grills have received their name from the Japanese term where they call any traditional charcoal or wood-fuelled cooking appliance a kamado. The original kamado was made by using clay or certain other ceramic material for creating a large urn quite similar to a tandoor.

Kamado grills with ceramic grills can offer the best durability, temperature control, and versatility and can offer service for many years to come.


Another kamado joe bundle deals from BBQs 2u is the Classic Joe 2 a ceramic charcoal grill, which is perfect for any typical backyard smoking and grilling. This ceramic barbeque grill has set a new standard for quality having built-in features to do hassle-free cooking.

It has an adjustable cooking surface of 46 cm with a two-tier divide and conquers type of flexible cooking system. With every Kamado ceramic grill, and there will be a certain innovation as a standard accessory.

This classic 2 will also include the following as standard:

  • Built-in thermometer
  • Premium ceramic grill having steel cart and locking wheels with powder-coated galvanised
  • Finished folding shelves/handle
  • Half-moon heat deflectors
  • Divide and conquer flexible cooking system
  • Airlift hinge
  • Kontrol tower top vent
  • Wire mesh fibreglass gasket
  • AMP firebox
  • Patented slide-out ash drawer

Many users all over the UK have tweeted their experience by using these new products from BBQs 2u for these two new grill ovens on various social media sites like Twitter.

Sheri Gill

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