Why Pure Dairy is Australia’s leading supplier of authentic American cheese

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American cheese slices can have often had a negative connotation amongst consumers. People have complained that they’re over-processed and lack authenticity but when crafted and melted to perfection, the opposite is true. Pure Dairy are Australia’s leading supplier of authentic American cheese and understand the delight it can bring when melted between two pieces of pillowy bread. 

Today, many restaurants and chefs feel that American cheese slices are required for a delicious burger. American cheese slices, also known as Hi Melt Burger Cheese from Pure Dairy, is the most tantalising American cheese slices available in Australia. It’s Australia’s most popular burger cheese, and burger experts all around the country love it. Hi Melt or American cheese slices have high cheese content, a creamy flavour, and a smooth texture, making them ideal for producing Australia’s most excellent cheeseburgers. It was created by professional cheesemongers who enjoy delicious cheese recipes and Pure Dairy continue this legacy with their mouth watering range of Hi Melt American cheese slices

Pure Dairy American cheese slices are twice as thick as the typical rival burger slice on the market. They have a dense, creamy flavour and are visually pleasing across many dishes. The most significant characteristic is that this burger cheese is created for a myriad of cheesy delicacies, wherein when it melts, the cheese won’t leech water or oil onto your dish or burgers. The sole purpose behind its manufacture is to keep its shape when melted.

Without the classic American cheese, no burger is complete, and this magnificent yellow burger cheese is now highly appreciated in Australia and all over the world. Whether for adults or children, American cheese has a wide appeal. In the realm of burgers, pizzas, and other cheesy food recipes, it is an undeniable crowd-pleaser. There are many more highly addictive elements in the delectable dish prepared by using the cheese slices. Not just burgers, gooey mac-and-cheese with roasted corn, broccoli, and carrots is a delicious combination too. Prepare a handmade baked macaroni and cheese and see how the word spreads. 

Burger chains and other industry players in Australia have made Pure Dairy their American cheese slice of choice. Now that you know the top restaurant owners’ secret, please don’t wait any longer to get the finest burger cheese in Australia for your business. Pure Dairy boasts high quality customer care and thorough expertise to ensure a smooth ordering process.

If you have a specific order enquiry and want the tastiest American Cheese slices for your menu, then contact Pure Dairy. Pure Dairy produces a wide assortment of fantastic dairy products, such as American Cheese Slices, High Melt Burger Cheese, Swiss Cheese Slices, and more. They provide the widest range of burger cheese slices to account for the endless cheese dish combinations your customers keep coming back for. On top of the superior food quality offered in their American Cheese slices, Pure Dairy pride themselves on supplier relations to ensure your restaurant is never without it’s ingredients and can place orders with confidence. 

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