What Is the Healthiest Fast Food Option Out There?

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Did you know that the average American eats fast food one to three times per week? As most people know, fast food is far from the epitome of healthy food.

The amount that Americans eat fast food is very telling when it comes to the nation’s health. However, there are times when you need something fast and cheap.

When you find yourself at a drive-thru, how do you make a decision that won’t wreck your health? If you want to learn how to pick the most healthy fast food, there are some basic rules you should follow.

These rules will help guide your choices when you choose your meal; keep reading to learn what they are.

Be Careful With Condiments

Depending on what condiments you add to your meal, the calories can quickly add up. In addition, condiments such as mayonnaise have a higher fat content.

Consider ordering your meal with sauces on the side. This will allow you to decide how much you use and ensure that your meal is not drowning in condiments that increase the unhealthy factor.

Watch Your Side Dishes

Would you like fries with that? The answer is probably yes, but fried foods such as fries and onion rings are not great choices if your aim is to find the most healthy fast food meals.

Try choosing a fruit cup, yogurt, or side salad instead.

Watch Your Salads

Speaking of salads, not all salads are created equal. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing because you ordered a salad, it’s healthy.

However, sometimes even the most healthy fast-food restaurants will pile on so many toppings that your salad is no longer healthy. Look for salads piled high with veggies and lean toppings, and make sure to get your dressing on the side.

Dipping a fork in the dressing on the side will help you get the taste of the dressing without piling it on.

Watch Out for Liquid Calories

It’s easy to order a coke with your meal. However, try switching to water or another low-calorie drink.

Coke and other sodas will pile on the extra empty calories that your body doesn’t need.

Check Your Meat Choice

Beef is great, in moderation. However, if you’re constantly eating burgers, it can quickly become unhealthy.

If you want the most healthy fast food burger, find a restaurant such as that offers plant patties or portabello mushroom caps as substitutions for beef patties.

You could also try chicken or turkey burgers.

Do Your Research

If you know you commonly eat fast food, do your research. Take the time to explore the menu and what healthy options are available.

This will help guide your decisions when you order. Remember, the most healthy fast food choices don’t have to taste horrible; you can still enjoy your food with healthy alternatives.

Start Making the Most Healthy Fast Food Choices

Start making the most healthy fast food choices today. Your body will thank you for taking the time to care for it.

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