What Are The Different Types Of Pizza That People Eat Today?


Pizza is hands down one of the most popular foods in America. That’s why there are over 74,000 pizza establishments across the country.

You know the feeling of excitement when you’re about to order from your local pizza joint. Your mouth starts salivating, thinking about the combination of flavors and the warmth of the cheese as it hits your tongue.

However, your usual order has grown old, so it’s time to try something new. To help out, we’ll break down the different types of pizza that you’ll see on menus.

1. Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza is the OG pizza. It originally comes from Naples, Italy, where its creation dates back to before you were born.

This pizza is usually very thin, and its traditional toppings include:

  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Extra virgin olive oil

However, there are two other variations of this pizza which feature garlic and different types of mozzarella cheese.

2. Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago style or deep dish pizza is another traditional pizza among pizza lovers. Italian immigrants who loved the Neapolitan pizza wanted to imitate it but needed something heartier to combat the cold Chicago winters.

As a result, the deep-dish pizza was created. It has a thick crust and high edges, like a pie. Also, all the ingredients are placed in reverse order since cooking this pizza takes longer than usual.

3. New York Style Pizza

Some have claimed New York is the best pizza state. Why? It’s because their pizza combines deliciousness with portability.

New York-style pizzas have a thin base and thick crust with more cheese than standard Neapolitan pizzas. They’re pretty easy to eat, which is why if you’re ever in New York City, you’ll see people folding their pizza and eating it on the go.

4. BBQ Chicken Pizza

You may be looking for a delicious pizza that doesn’t have bland toppings. Well, if you live BBQ chicken and pizza, why not combine both?

Some establishments like Flippers Pizzeria in St. Petersburg, Florida, serve BBQ chicken pizza. Why don’t you visit them and get a few slices? They also have other options you can choose from if you’re not feeling adventurous.

5. Hawaiian Pizza

When you think of pizza, what are the first things that come to mind? We’re going to assume topping such as:

  • Cheese
  • Olives
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Sausages

You should add pineapple to that list because the Hawaiian pizza uses it as a topping. Some individuals like to add ham as an additional topping to balance out the flavors. But be warned, others may look at your strangely.

These Are Just Some Of The Different Types Of Pizza

As you can see, there are various types of pizza that you can choose from. The next time you’re getting ready to order, don’t go with your regular pie.

Instead, review our guide to help you with your decision. Who knows, you may end up choosing a new favorite style of pizza.

We hope you’re not too hungry after that article. But if you’ve enjoyed reading it, feel free to visit our blog for related content.

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