What Are the Different Types of Grills for Cooking?


7 out of 8 British households have a yard or garden. If you are fortunate enough to have some outdoor space, you should consider getting a grill. There are many types of grills.

Some are best for entertaining guests, while others are more tailored for personal use. Choosing between all of the different kinds of grills can be overwhelming if you don’t establish the criteria for what you need.

This guide will help break down all of your different options for grilling and give you some basic grilling tips. That way you can find the perfect grill for your unique situation.

Types of Grills by Fuel

The first thing you need to think about when finding your perfect grill is the type of fuel it will consume. All of the different types of fuel types have their own set of advantages and types of cooking they are best for.


Charcoal grills are great for grilling meat slowly. They also give the meat a characteristic flame-broiled taste. You can enhance this by incorporating seasoning woods such as mesquite.

Learning how to grill with charcoal is a skill. You need to make sure that the coals burn down enough to avoid burning whatever you are cooking. A specific type of charcoal grill is the Kamado grill. You should learn more about these.


Gas grills use combustible materials such as propane to grill items evenly. They are one of the easiest grills to operate and give you a high level of customization when it comes to how hot you want your grill to be.

These are some of the best options for grilling for beginners. They are easy to operate and don’t require much setup time.

Electric Grill

These types of grills are newcomers on the scene. They don’t require anything but a plug-in to your power grid. They are less conventional than the two other types of grills but they don’t use fossil fuels.

Types of Grill by Design

In addition to the fuel type your grill uses, you should consider the various design features that your grill can incorporate. Here are some examples of grill designs to consider.

Stand up Grill

The classic BBQ that is freestanding is great for your neighborhood get-together. These can either be charcoal or gas and some are both.

Portable Grill

These grills, also known as camping grills, are great for grilling on the go. They are smaller than a stand-up grill but still have much of the functionality of their larger cousins. They can be both gas or charcoal.

Fixed Grill

If you have a pool or patio you may want to build your grill into a hardened structure to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. These grills can make the ambiance of your outdoor space much more appealing.

Become the Grill Master of Your Dreams

Grilling is an art that takes a lifetime to master. If you have any hope of becoming a grill master one day, you need to try all of the different types of grills out there.

Use this guide to select the best type of grill for your needs today. Then branch out and try another type to continue to work on your craft as your skills progress. Keep checking back with our site for other riveting content like this.

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