What Are the Best Meats for Grilling?


Everyone knows that one dad who’s absolutely obsessed with his grill. Always ready for the spring and summer to arrive so he can show off his epic skills at cookouts and picnics. Always ready to go to battle with someone over whether propane or charcoal is the superior power source to meat nirvana.

If that describes you or someone you love, great news! We’re going to share the absolute best meats for grilling. That way, you can keep the grill fired up and making delicious meats all year long.

Surf’s Up, My Dudes

Grilled seafood is a great substitute for the cook that loves grilling meat but needs to cut down on the cholesterol. If you decide to cook seafood on the grill, make sure you lay it on top of some citrus slices or a well-soaked cedar plank. Otherwise, you’ll lose half the fish to the inside of the grill as it flakes away.

The other alternative is to use sturdier fish like ahi tuna, salmon, or swordfish. These don’t tend to flake apart while cooking on the grill. The cedar plank, in those cases, is less to provide stability than it is to give extra flavor.

Grilled Poultry Isn’t Fowl

Grilled chicken is a staple of summer kebabs and delicious backyard tacos. However, turkey (especially in burgers and sausages) and pheasant can make amazing meats for grilling.

When you cook it, make sure you get a nice, crispy skin on the outside, while keeping all the delicious juices inside. You can even grill chicken drumsticks if you want a healthier take on buffalo wings when tailgating season hits!

Where’s the Beef?

Ah, beef. It’s impossible to run down the types of meats for grilling without mentioning beef. From steaks to kebabs to burgers, this delicious meat goes with grills like peanut butter goes with chocolate.

However, not all cuts of meat are suitable for grilling. If you can’t get a moist, marbled, cherry-red steak from the store, you can always use the beef in a different recipe like Carne en su Jugo.

Porcine Perfection

Last but not least, we can’t discuss grilling meat without mentioning the main ingredient in most hot dogs: pork. Whether you’re grilling some franks, putting marks on a bratwurst, or throwing a pork tenderloin on the coals, you can’t go wrong when you cook pig meat.

Just make sure that you get it to an internal temperature of 165 Fahrenheit. If you don’t, you can expect your stomach to show its displeasure later in the day.

Let’s Review the Best Meats for Grilling

So, what are the best meats for grilling? Well, almost any meat can improve with the flavor of delicious, charred grill marks on it. However, the best choices are beef, poultry, pork, and seafood. If you can learn the proper techniques for each, you’ll be the undisputed grill master once warmer weather rolls in.

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