What Are Flakers And Shredders?


Industrial Flakers are or also called shredders somewhere across the globe can reduce frozen blocks of food products into smaller, more uniform, and processable pieces, therefore, creating elongated pieces of product given the certain cross-sectional size and length that would be appropriate for your product suitability and suitable for your customer base as well. This is termed as a pre-procedure for a cutting and mixing machine and for the meat grinding process.

These are mostly designed and applicable to break apart blocks of product, including frozen meats and cheeses. Mostly the products that are frozen in blocks and bulk, have a better storage experience and better user experience. There are different methods these machines employ for the processing of those products. The machine can push the block of product into a rotating bladed drum to shave flakes from the block or two toothed, counter-revolving wheels shear the product and force it through a pre-defined space. So, that it may get grinded or may be split into pieces.

Flakers are the equipment that is used to compress and flatten a product to make it a thin and uniform product. This process which is known as the flaking process is essential in achieving the maximum nutritional potential of the whole product. Most seeds that are crushed through these processes have a tough oil-bearing cellular structure that has to be ruptured or weakened before cooking and extraction. So, these processes are applied.

Different Shapes And Sizes

Flakers come in different shapes and sizes. Let’s discuss these shapes and sizes. The first such type is the Drum flaker, that if acquired by a valued and reliable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, will be an esteemed product for your customers. This offers easy conveying, hassle-free installation, and high load-bearing capacity, so this product is highly demanded by most manufacturers and industrialists. The drum flakers offered by us possess various specifications according to your requirements, following the specifications provided by our customers. The drum flakers offer a high ability to withstand high mechanical stress, are durably constructed, and possess optimum strength.

Belt Flakers

With another type of flakers and shredders, known as Belt flakers, Progressu has gained a distinct position in the market by offering quality-oriented Belt Flakers. These are manufactured by using the best-in-class material and sophisticated technology abiding by the standards of the industry. In addition to this, Progressu offers flaker belts with various specifications as per the demand of the customers. The offered flakers are inspected with various parameters and standards of quality to deliver an enormous range to our customers. Our belt flakers offer easy conveying, Sturdy designs, and Less maintenance, to keep up with the industry requirements.

Progressu is all about offering you economic solutions within your budget limits so that you might have an option of achieving the processing of what your industry requires by keeping it within your budget limits. Our provided used solutions are verified and checked thoroughly with industrial standards. Just reach out to us and enjoy the economical solutions.

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