Wedding Planning Tips: 9 Things To Remember To Keep Wedding Catering Cost Down



Having a wedding is one of the most exciting things that you can have in your life, however, it can be quite easy to go over budget, especially when it comes to the food. Your guests would be excited to eat delicious food, but it can cost a lot if you are not careful. Thankfully, you can stay within a budget without sacrificing the taste and quality of your food. Here are 9 tips to keep your costs for wedding catering richmond va low with a Hanover wedding caterer.

Skip Out on Champagne Toasts

As traditional as it is, not a lot of people actually drink champagne. Many people will either just cheers, take a sip, and place it down. Champagne and sparkling wines are not cheap, so that can be a huge waste.

Forget The Take Home Snacks

A lot of the small gift snacks that are given at a wedding rarely ever get eaten by the time the guests get home. Many people tend to just sleep right after and it might go untouched, so it’s best to save your cash.

Choose One

A lot of people think they need to get every course done, but that’s not necessarily true. For instance, if you had a cocktail hour, you may not have to lay out appetizers as well. It might be nice but it’s not something that people would search for either.

Switch The Liquor

It would be tempting to get the best liquors out there for all of your guests, but that’s totally unnecessary and expensive. You can get house liquors instead that your guests will still enjoy without breaking the bank.

Give More Options

Creating different options for other people because of their diets or restrictions can cost a lot. You can easily create a delicious menu filled with choices that suit everyone without going over your budget! Most skilled Hanover wedding caterer will be able to easily whip up a menu like this.

Swap When You Can

There are times you can swap some ingredients without completely sacrificing the taste. For instance, you can get female cow meat instead of steer meat, which can save you a ton of cash.

Dessert Takeaway

It can be costly to create different party favors, from the packaging to the items, etc. Not all of your guests may appreciate them either. Instead, a dessert bar can be made with take out boxes placed nearby so your guests can choose what they want to bring home.

Go Easy On The Cake

It’s easy to order more cake than what your guests can eat. You can ask your chef what the recommended amount would be for your guests and have other snacks as well. Otherwise, you can just have a small cake that you and your spouse can cut and your guests can enjoy other desserts.

Fresh, Seasonal, and Local

You don’t need to get your ingredients shipped out from another country. Getting local and fresh ingredients that are in season cost a lot cheaper and they taste a whole lot better. Plus, you will help support small businesses!

By following these tips, you will be able to save money and stay within your wedding food budget while still having amazing food!

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