Bars have been central to various interesting events, facts and happenings all through the ages beginning from the ancient period to the modern times. Bars served various purposes for different segments of the society and have been known in different names across the centuries. Bars were popularly known as taverns, saloons etc. and have been a point of attraction for entertainment, food, alcohol, lodging etc. Experience the excellent services of Mad hatter bar for your entertainment and thrills of beer.

The name of bar interestingly comes from the barrier which means something which blocks. The other popular name of bar “counter” means the wood separation or barrier. The counter was meant for another meaning explaining the place with high chairs called “bar tools”. This concept of the barrier was consciously imposed in order to keep a safe distance from drunken people and avoid harm to the service providers.

Popular and busy bars with lots of clients are normally flooring 0 means non-slippery or easy and quick dry type of floor. The back wall or bar display is the place behind the counter where drinks or the bottles are displayed. Glass displays are hanger to display the glass. the Cocktail station is the speed rack to keep the beverages of different brands. Similarly, there are other places like sink or plumbing to wash the bar equipment, drawer or cabinet to store the stock of beverages, chiller or refrigeration is to store the beverages for cooling, cashier desk is for financial transactions.

Based on the different shapes of the bars, there are different types of bars, namely semi-circular, the elongated letter I shaped, combined semi-circular, combined semi-circular and elongated, full circle, U and L shaped, island etc.

Bars can be divided into two types based on their function. The type one is “Stand- alone bar” for the employers joining the night club, café, discotheque etc. normally outside the hotel.  type two is the bar inside the hotel with all the function of a bar but under the auspices of the hotel bar.

Besides the above, there are also other types of bars based on their functions like public bar which serves drinks to the public, service bar normally located behind a bar nearer to the kitchen, snack bar which only serves food and drinks, mini bar is inside the hotel room served through a small fridge, pool bar is near the pool inside a hotel, portable bar is typically arranged on party occasions which can be portable, expresso bar is seaports or airport bar, private bar is in the houses of rich people etc.

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