These are the cheapest restaurants at Hollywood Studios

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In comparison to the other three Walt Disney World theme parks, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has the weakest list of budget restaurants. The slightly more expensive table service options are perfect, including fun themed experiences like the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant and the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. However, if the idea is to save a few dollars, go for the cheapest ones.

Discover the restaurants in Hollywood Studios at Disney in Orlando, one of the main parks in the Disney complex in Orlando. As you will spend the day at the park having a lot of fun at the attractions, stops and shows, at times it will be necessary to stop for lunch, snack or dinner. For this, Hollywood Studios has more than 10 different restaurants, with different experiences and one better than the other does.

Check below what you can find in each of them and which one fits your taste best.

ABC Commissary

It is the best budget restaurant in the park. In addition to a great structure with several places, the ABC Commissary has a very diverse menu that ranges from traditional fast food to healthier dishes. The menu is not fixed, but at lunch, it usually features hamburgers, salads, sandwiches, and others. For kids, options include a cheeseburger, turkey sandwich, and a healthy kit (yogurt, apple chunks, carrot sticks, Goldfish crackers, apple-cinnamon cereal bar, and choice of small low-fat milk or water). The meal is held in a closed, comfortable and air-conditioned environment. The location is also very favorable, in the center of the park.

Back lot Express

The Back lot Express is right behind the ABC Commissary, with the second position at Hollywood Studios. Themed after a movie warehouse, the restaurant offers snacks and salads, as well as some Star Wars-themed dishes. The tables are arranged both indoors, with air conditioning, and outdoors, in the shade. A highlight of this restaurant is the refillable drinks station, which allows you to pick up soda several times during your meal.


The newcomer PizzeRizzo has taken the place of the old Pizza-Planet. Although it has brought a new theme related to the Muppets’ stories, it continues with the lean menu, with American-style pizzas, meatball sandwich and salad, in addition to two new desserts – tiramisu and canola. On the kids menu, you can find pizzas, chicken sandwiches and a healthy kit with cereal bars, carrots, yogurt, among others. The environment is closed, with air conditioning and a large number of tables, arranged on two floors, in addition to the balcony. There are also video game machines on site, but they are not included in the park admission. Anyone who wants to play around here will need to pay the part.

Sunset Ranch Market

It is a space similar to a food court, but in the open air. There are three options for you to have a meal, plus an ice cream shop and a fruit stand. At Catalina Eddie’s you will find pizza and salad. Fairfax Fare offers salad and sandwich. Rosie’s All-American Cafe brings classic fast food with hamburgers, fries and nuggets. The seats are few and not comfortable, the tables and benches are arranged outdoors, under umbrellas.

Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner

The steamer located in the Echo Lake area is a small kiosk with very different sandwiches. You can break the diet with a hot dog topped with pulled pork, pork sandwich, a 1-inch hot dog of 100% beef with chili and cheese, or even a serving of nachos stuffed with cheese and chili. Seating is outdoors and there are not many seats available. If you have trouble finding a table, you can eat your lunch on one of the benches in the area.


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