The story of the streaky pork


Different cultures of the world, offer different kind of cuisines. They are so much contrasting or different, that it sometimes become incredulous for some people to believe what people eat on the other side of the world. Americans cannot think of eating insects, neither can Indians, or Australians for that matter. Some parts of the world also have dog meat, which is considered a big taboo in most of the other regions. Asians, chinese, Koreans or Japanese have a totally different cuisine, filled with insects, sea food, rabbits and so on. They differ so much, that not everyone can have these cuisines.

Pork is one kind of meat, which is eaten throughout the world, except for middle-eastern countries. Pork is available in markets in different shape, form, sizes and cost. Different kind of pork include minced pork, streaky pork, slicy pork, salami and so on. They are juxtaposed with different herbs, spices and liquids to make a wonderful dish, which makes everyone lick their fingers. Pork is known for its absorbing power. It imbibes the taste which is added to it, so meticulously, that the whole dish tastes intrinsically wonderful.

Talking about types of pork, let us have a look at some types of pork and how they are used.

  1. Minced pork– It is a form of ground meat, used in many dishes such as burgers, Italian and Indian as well. It goes well with other dishes as add on too. It is used in many parts of the world, to make up dishes of different cuisines.
  2. Streaky Pork– Streaky pork is a part of pig, which is cut out from the belly, containing fat. It is also called belly fat, or belly meat. Sharp knives and blades are used to often carve out slices from this part, or it is simply converted fully into a wonderful dish. Streaky pork [หมูสามชั้น, which is the term in Thai] is generally used as meat in Philippines, china and Korean cuisine. It is used to make curry’s, by adding spicy flavours, water and other herbs. It makes a whole complete dish. It is also used to flavour noodles. Streaky pork contains fat, and carbohydrates as well. It is a healthy form of meat. One of the best dishes in these cuisines are created by pork belly. They can be eaten grilled, with vegetables and sauce. They can be stuffed with potatoes, vegetables or any other form of meat as well. In chinese culture, it is often cooked twice, and fried to produce a wonderful taste.

Next time when you visit any Asian country, like Korea, Japan, china or Philippines, then do visit the restaurants serving dishes made of streaky pork. You will understand the flavourful nature of this kind of meat, and how it jinxes into the flavours provided to it, creating a wonderful and perfect combination in a dish. Try out a pork belly dish, and ask others around you to try out this different form of meat, which is not conventional.

Christine Baron

The author Christine Baron