A lot of research is being carried to determine the drivers behind the rise in popularity of premixed drinks. This drink is a blend of flavors with a low percentage of alcohol. The market for premix drinks is observed to have grown at a rapid speed. Both market segmentation and globalization are regarded as the key drivers behind the popularity of the drinks. It has become more popular across the globe. This is because you can easily get the drink from the retail outlets or even order premixed drink online.

Some of the factors behind the popularity of premixed drinks

  • Market segmentation

Market segmentation has enabled the drink to gain popularity across the world. The drink is segmented based on product type. The product type entails the primary base for the prepared drink. It includes vodka, rum, whisky, and even wine. The vodka-based drink is more popular as compared to other forms of premixed drinks.  The drink is also segmented based on flavor. The flavors include fruits and even other spices. Packaging is another segmentation associated with these forms of drinks. The drink is packaged either in cans or bottles. Some of the drinks distribution channels include hypermarkets, departmental stores, specialty stores, and even supermarkets. These are convenient outlets whereby the consumers can easily get the drinks from. Online stores are another platform from where the consumers can get the drinks from. These stores offer discounts and also delivery options.

  • Globalization

The globalization effect has played a crucial in the popularity of premixed drinks. This is because multiple suppliers can be sourced across the world to supply premixed drinks.

  • The growing youth populations

The growing youth population has played a vital role in the popularity of premixed drinks. This is because they tend to try new things. Since many youths participate in gaming activities like football and athletics they do take the drinks as energizers when in the field.Some of the premix drinks are relatively cheaper making it possible for the youths to purchase. Research shows that the youth like to take low-calories drinks.

  • Competitive advantage

This form of drink has gained a competitive advantage because of its brand quality. The launching of new products has enabled premixed drinks to rise in popularity thus gaining a competitive advantage. The idea of launching new products in the market has played a crucial role in making the premixed drink gain both competitive advantage and popularity.

Wrapping up

To sum up, there are many drivers behind the rise in popularity of premixed drinks. The article exemplifies some of the key drivers. Market segmentation, competitive advantage, the growing youth population, and even the globalization effect have played a key role in making the premixed drink more popular in many countries. One should be keen when making the drink as excessive consumption of alcohol can be harmful to health. The legal age to take alcohol should also be considered because the law prohibits the minor from taking this form of drink. Ensure you purchase the drinks from a licensed dealer.



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