Cakes have become common and crucial in all ceremonies today. Innovation and technologies are helping the bakers play with imagination and create artistic cakes. The cake business is built in various ways based on the owner’s plans & goals.

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10 steps to begin a cake business: 

  1. Carefully plan your business.
  2. Create a legal organization for business.
  3. Do register your business for tax purposes.
  4. Establish a Credit Card & Business Bank Account.
  5. Create an accounting system.
  6. Get the Permits and Licenses.
  7. Get Insurance.
  8. Create a brand.
  9. Make a website.
  10. Have a Business Phone System. 

These are the basics that will help you plan, register & legally run your business. 

  1. Planning 

A detailed plan will help guide and lead your business in an organizational way. Plan your startup, current costs, target market, price range & brand name. These are some things to consider.

  1. Legal Organization 

If your cake business is sued, creating a legal business entity like an LLC or corporation prevents you from becoming held personally accountable. 

  1. Tax purposes

 You’ll need to register for federal taxes. For this first apply for an EIN. 

  1. Credit card & Bank Account 

A business credit card & bank account is necessary to protect your personal assets. When things are mixed everything you won will be at risk. 

  1. Business Accounting

 Your income & expenditure should be recorded to analyze the financial state of your business. Maintain detailed accounts. 

  1. Licenses & Permits 

If you didn’t have permits & licenses your business may leed to shutdown.

  1. Insurance

This step is basically to run a business legally & safely. If a company faces a loss, The insurance covers it.

  1. Brand Name 

An innovative & unique brand name will make your business stand out from the crowd. 

  1. Website

Online technology has advanced significantly, making the lives of small business owners considerably easier. The website will help you in promoting your business.

  1. Business Phone System

It separates your personal life from business life and helps customers to reach you easily.

Is this Business the right choice for you?

The answer is yes if you are passionate about baking & skilled. Opening your start-up will assist you to reach your personal & professional goals.

How will an ideal day be at a cake shop?

Based on your orders, every day will be different. Most bakers go for a storefront location to focus on customized orders. When cakes are ready, orders must be packed for delivery. Wedding cake delivery is taken care of by bakers in most cases. This helps to bond with clients.

Cleanliness is a major phase. The kitchen is cleaned after each order. Focus on creating new flavors & recipes and building your skills in business downtime. Establish marketing strategies to perform consistently.

What is a cake business’s growth potential?

Most bakers tend to stick to their small businesses. If you want your business to grow, open branches in various locations. Having a true business mentor will help to overcome difficult times.

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