Selling Beer: Six Top Tips You Can Start Following Today


Americans love their beer. The beer industry sold nearly 205 million barrels of beer in 2020.

This may make it seem like selling beer is easy. But many bar owners will tell you they have a hard time getting drinks out.

What are some tools you can use for selling beer? How can you prompt someone to get a second drink? What kinds of events encourage people to continue drinking?

Answer these questions and you can start selling a massive amount of beer in no time. Here are six tips you can follow today.

1. Buy a Lot of Beer

The more beer you have on hand, the more beer you can sell. Get a few different craft beers and have them on display.

Buy some beers from microbreweries in your local area. Feel free to get high-proof and low-proof beers as well.

Make sure customers know about the selections you have. You can put beer kegs behind the bar, and you can put signs on your front door.

2. Provide Tasting Notes

Most people know the beer they want. But some people are willing to sample other types of beer.

Writing and handing out tasting notes will help them make decisions. Break down what flavor notes they can expect in their drink, what level of bitterness each drink has, and what the alcohol by volume is.

3. Get Advanced Tools for Serving Beer

Some people may order beer just because the serving tools are cool. In addition to kegs, you can serve beer from a wall mounted beer tap. You can install one yourself and start serving from it.

You can also pour beer into different glasses. You can paint some of them so they resemble classic paintings or have new designs.

4. Find Great Servers

Great waiters and waitresses know beer selling tips. Focus on your front of the house and find people with experience in bar management. Ask them what they do to sell beer and ask them to demonstrate their skills.

5. Ask for Second Rounds

All of your servers should ask patrons if they want another drink. Asking this question before bringing the check may be enough to prompt a sale.

6. Plan Live Events

People like to drink a lot at social events. You should have as many live events as possible at your bar.

A beer release party involves serving a seasonal brew. It naturally encourages people to buy more beer. But you can also host trivia events, which encourage people to stay late and drink.

The Best Tips for Selling Beer

Selling beer is not rocket science. Get a lot of beer so you can attract different kinds of customers. Sample from each beer, then write tasting notes that will encourage your customers to try new drinks.

Find modern tools to sell your drinks like wall-mounted taps. You should also hire great servers who know about beer and can encourage sales. In particular, they should push second rounds on customers.

Figure out different events so your customers will stay late. But don’t rush your parties. Read guides on planning live events and running a bar by following our coverage.

Sheri Gill

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