Planning A Backcountry Camping in Winter – Remember the Important Checklist


Winter camping includes everything from snowy hikes to delicious food, comfy sleeping bags, mosquito noise, and much more. Even though camping is one of the best year-round activities, but it gives an incredible experience, especially during the winter season.

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You require more clothes when camping during the winter season. Also, you need special gear based on the place you live to withstand the cool temperature. Apart from this, winter camping is not much hard compared to the other seasons.

You can make the camping experience wonderful by making a proper plan. The following are a few things that you have to remember when preparing for winter camping.

Check the weather

Before camping, check the weather forecast during your trip so that you can make a plan depending on the temperature. During camping, you may require more sun protection because of too cool temperatures.


There are two kinds of winter camping shelters, they include:

Cold camping It is the same as a regular camping tent, but 4-season tents will be used in place of normal tents. These tents will have thick flies and materials and dome shape pole structure that helps to resist winds. You have to rely on an insulation setup and sleeping bag for warmness.

Hot camping In this method, Quinzees and hot tents, canvas tents are outfitted with a stove to get the hot temperature (up to 25°C) into the tent. These tents are heavy, so you require a car to transport them. When it comes to Quinzee, you can arrange it with a few hours. Dig the snow and leave one-foot thickness on all the sides of the wall. It looks the same as an igloo.

Gear up

When sleeping inside a winter shelter, you have to separate the body from ice and snow over the ground. A sleeping bag, wool blanket, and fleece liner can help you in taking a comfortable rest at night.

Building fire

It is an overwhelming process during the winter season. At first, build the base to sit. Here are a few things you require to build a fire:

  • For sustained fire, consider hardwood such as oak or maple, and for fast cooking, choose softwood such as spruce or cedara
  • Axe or hatchet
  • Saw
  • Flint, lighters, and matches

Food and water

You require more calories during winter camping as the body works to stay warm. So, make sure that you consume food, which matches your activities. Cooking food yourself will help you in staying healthy during the camping.

There are many good camping recipes that you can cook on camping stoves and fire pits. Soups, stew, chicken, Dutch baby, and more are the best ways to stay energetic the whole day. Also, drink water even if you are not thirsty to stay hydrated.

Find the right camping site and plan today. Also, choose the best website that offers delicious camping recipes and get the printout to taste the delicious food during your camping.

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