Mexican Desserts Are Always Worth Tasting

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Mexican food is famous for its fiery and spicy dishes. But do you know what Mexican desserts are? They’re just as delectable as their savoury counterparts and come in a wide range of flavours, from traditional churros to retro caramel flan, cakes, and more.

The evolution of Mexican sweets has been influenced greatly by history

But, before you dig into the richness, it’s worth noting the roots of Mexican desserts, or postres in Spanish. Sweets have been around in Mexico for a long time. For thousands of years, Mexicans crafted desserts out of whatever ingredients they could find: fruits, nuts, chocolate, honey, coconut, and milk.

When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico, they brought with them new ingredients, such as oil, and new cooking methods. The fusion of indigenous and Spanish influences has resulted in the development of a distinct line of desserts with nuanced flavour profiles, including sweet-savory and sweet-spicy combinations. You can try some, like mazapan, in your holiday for your family.

What is the most well-known Mexican dessert?

Mexican food is unique in that it is both rich and diverse. There are numerous Mexican dessert recipes to choose from. In addition to the above-mentioned orange chilli chocolate cookies, creamy caramel flan, and Mexican orange almond cake, the following can be mentioned:

Pastries: pineapple mousse, cinnamon cookies, and small Mexican coconut desserts.

If you enjoy Mexican cuisine, particularly Mexican desserts, you should try the Mexican “tres leches” cake. When compared to other recipes, what distinguishes this Mexican delicacy is its combination of sweetness and melting. It’s also known as the Mexican sponge drenched in milk.

Some of the Most Delicious Mexican Desserts You Must Try

Churros from Mexico

Churros are a traditional Mexican treat that can be found in any restaurant, quick food stand, or even on the streets of Mexico City in small churros stalls. They can be consumed at any time of year. They are distinguished by a light and elongated dough that is sliced, cooked, and then coated with sugar when done, a delectable treat! To make them even sweeter and more delightful, serve them with melted chocolate, fruit jam, caramel, or frosting.

Flan with creamy caramel sauce

The caramel flan is simple to make. It’s creamy and firm in texture. Condensed milk, eggs, and caramel are used to make it. The caramel must be poured into the mould to be prepared. It is critical not to burn it because it will turn bitter (in this case, you will have to start from scratch!). So, when cooking, keep your eyes on it and keep a close eye on the colour. Concentration is required when cooking! However, if the homemade caramel is insufficient, a ready-made caramel can be substituted. In a blender, combine all of the ingredients (except the sugar). Cooking the custard in a bain-marie couldn’t be easier. Remember that the water in the bain-marie must be quite hot in order for the custard to be properly cooked.


On a hot summer day, all you want is a cool, fruity, refreshing treat – and paletas are just that! Paletas are not your typical popsicle. They are less sugary in general and contain fresh fruit (plenty of fruit!), making them a healthy, balanced treat. The typical tastes include pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, cantaloupe, and mango, but Mexican traders can be a little more daring and choose unusual flavours like rose petal, avocado, and maize!


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