Is Poke Safe to Eat? (the Answer Is Yes)


Are you wondering, “Is poke safe to eat?” This raw fish salad is a popular choice for its bright flavors, but the idea of eating raw fish might be scary for some. The good news is that poke is perfectly safe to eat.

Read on to learn why poke is a safe dish to add to your lineup!

Know That Raw Fish Must Be Certified 

If you’re concerned about consuming raw fish, know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates very specific guidelines to ensure the safety of the fish. To be served raw, fish needs to be frozen and meet other specifications when handled.

How is poke safe to eat? You can trust that raw fish, whether served as part of a poke salad or tuna, is the highest caliber when it shows up on your favorite restaurant’s menu.

Ask About Sustainability

Poke has become a popular menu item in recent years. As a favorite dish in the state of Hawaii, poke consists of cubed raw fish, Japanese-inspired seasonings, a healthy dose of seaweed, salt, and other ingredients.

Is poke salad safe to eat? Yes — and you’ll love the luscious mix of flavors!

With the rise in poke’s popularity, however, has come demands on the tuna and salmon supply. Fortunately, thanks to sustainable fishing and an active tuna supply, it appears that the fishing stock is in good shape. But if you have any concerns, you should feel free to ask your favorite restaurant about the sustainability of the fish they serve.

Is Poke Safe to Eat? Yes!

If you’re wondering if poke is safe, you should feel confident that it is. When handled properly, it’s perfectly safe to eat.

Another factor to consider is your health situation. Are you in good shape and normally careful about your eating habits? As long as you are healthy, poke is a safe option.

While some have raised concerns about the presence of mercury in fish, the bottom line is that fish offers far more health benefits than risks. You’ll gain valuable nutrients that will fortify your brain!

Buy Poke From an Active Vendor

It’s always smart to get poke or any raw fish from an active vendor. That way, you can trust that the high turnover allows the food to be fresh. Choosing a place like Steve’s Poke Bar means you’ll get poke that is fresh since poke is their focus!

Be wary of restaurants that are empty or not known for their fish dishes. In those instances, you run the risk of consuming fish that contains more bacteria. This can make you sick.

Enjoy Some Poke When You’re Hungry

Are you still wondering, “Is poke safe?” As long as you stick with reliable restaurants that manage their food with care, you will be safe eating poke. Don’t miss out on this tasty dish that will leave you craving more!

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