How to Reheat Pizza the Right Way


Pizza is perhaps one of the most versatile restaurant foods for its value in leftovers. Many people even feel as though leftovers can be even better than the fresh pizza that they get from their favourite pizza parlour. When it comes to reheating pizza, there are definitely some professional methods that can be used to help it taste fresh. Here are some of the best methods you can use for reheating pizza the right way:

Never microwave it:

Microwaves heat up the water molecule is in our food and this can create steam. The problem is that the steam is actually leaving the pizza and all of the moisture in the pizza is leaving with it. A microwave can be used to bring pizza up to room temperature but it should never be used to actually see the pizza. You can bring the pizza up to room temperature using a 30 to 45 second microwave timer, but after that you should choose another receipt method.

Try a cast-iron pan on the stove top:

Cast iron holds temperature extremely well and if you have leftover pizza, it’s one of the best ways that you can reheat a slice. Get a cast-iron pan and heat up to a fair temperature. Place the pizza down on the pan and let it reheat between 1 to 3 min. until the sliced no longer sags as you pick up the end.

Pan and broiler:

Your oven broiler can also be a great way to heat up the topics. Set your broiler to high and then position the leftover pizza around 4 inches below the broiler. Let the pizza heat up for 60 seconds and it should be ready to serve.

Using your pizza stone:

If you have a pizza stone, you can seated to around 450° and placed the leftover pizza in the center of the stone for 6 min. When using a pizza stone, a leftover piece of pizza can often taste just as fresh as it did the day before.

Consider these top options and more for reheating pizza.

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