HiLite 1 Pack Fixed Neck Economy Bib Apron – Pencil Pocket – Wrinkle Resistant Unisex – 811


Aprons give a professional look for all the employees from a chef in the restaurant to a doctor in the healthcare industry. They not only help to protect clothes from damage but also provide many other benefits too. They include various colorful options, one size length fits to most, easy to change, and more.

By visiting HiLite Uniform Inc, website, you can find the best fixed neck economy Bib apron. They provide original polyester made and highly durable aprons with pencil pocket, nylon tie, and more, at affordable price. Also, they are machine washable and resistant free too.

The following information on different type of aprons helps you in choosing the best one.

Bib aprons

This is the traditional style of apron. You can tie it around your waist and it has a free neck loop. Moreover, it contains pockets to keep essential items such as guest checks, thermometers, order pads, or other easy kitchen utensils. It is also called as chef aprons because it is ideal for people who spend a lot of time in kitchen.

Bistro aprons

These aprons are long and cover the pants also, so they are different from other type of aprons. Additionally, they will have pockets so that your staff can carry guest checks, beverage straws, pens, and others. They are suitable for staff working in the front of a restaurant or house.

Dishwasher aprons

This apron is usually waterproof and comes in full-length design. They extend up to the knees, and helpful to wash the dishes in hotels, restaurants, and in other places. You can also find fire retardant, cut-resistant and heat-resistant aprons for people who working in different places.

In addition to these, there are many other types including 4-way aprons, waist aprons, server aprons, and more. You can purchase the best suitable one depending on your profession. Choose the best store and place order to purchase your favorite style aprons.

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