Whether it’s burgers, pasta or a pizza, cheese enthusiasts all across the world visit their favourite restaurants for the soft and creamy delight. The most successful and well-known cheese used by restaurateurs is the American cheese, in which the bright yellow and gooey appearance usually leaves no customers without their fingers licked. The widely used American cheese slices available in Australia are the Hi-Melt and Thins Burger Cheese from Pure Dairy. It’s Australia’s most popular burger cheese, and it’s a favourite amongst burger gurus all throughout the country.

Hi-Melt burger cheese, to be precise, has a mild to medium cheddar flavour and is essentially a fundamental element in preparing delicacies and superb burgers. Both, the Hi-Melt, as well as Thins cheese slices, save money on production while giving your burgers a high-quality, mouth-watering flavour. These cheese slices from Pure Dairy feature a high cheese content, a creamy flavour, and a smooth texture, making them ideal for crafting the best cheeseburgers in Australia.

The truth about these cheese slices is that they are meant to last a lifetime. These are melted by being exposed to an extremely high temperature before being combined with other edibles or dishes. This heat treatment ensures that the product maintains its high quality and longevity for a good period of time. The shelf life is determined by how often the fridge is opened, or how long the door is left open each time the cheese is in use. The slices are meant to survive a longer duration if they are individually wrapped and stored in the chiller tray. You may purchase these cheeseburger slices in bulk and ensure that the cheese is seal-wrapped and is not exposed so that the blocks do not get wet by humidity. This way, you ensure that your cheese has a lengthy lifespan. The purchased quantity will definitely survive plenty of weeks in the wrapped seal or freezer.

Pure Dairy’s Burger Cheese is a dedication not only to flavour but also to customer satisfaction. The ever increasing demand for a great cheese slice has finally been met at a reasonable price for people around the country. The cheese slices have a mild flavour to complement and improve your high-quality patties, a high melting point to enable proper melting without putting too much strain on the fat, and a moisture level that is closely regulated. All of these things combine to create a meal that is aesthetically appealing and worthy of celebration.

No burger is complete without Hi-Melt & Thins American cheese, and this gorgeous yellow burger cheese is now well regarded not just in Australia but throughout the world. American cheese is popular amongst both adults and children. It’s a clear crowd-pleaser when it comes to burgers, pizzas, and other appetising cuisines. Aside from the high food quality of American Cheese slices, Pure Dairy takes pride in its supplier relationships, ensuring that your restaurant is never without its cheese. Their team of experts guide restaurateurs to make orders with confidence, thereby filling their stock and fulfilling their customers’ needs.

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