Having a Bar in Your Restaurant


If you run a successful restaurant, consider adding a bar. The set up depends on the theme and size of your restaurant. The entire process of setting up a bar may be complete in a few weeks if you work with a good design company like Dawnvale. The following are a few reasons why you should consider having a restaurant bar.

  • It May Serve as the Waiting Area

Your customers can sit at the bar while they wait for their tables. This increases customer satisfaction and increases your walk-ins.

  • Foods and Drinks are a Good Combination

Your customers will enjoy having drinks with their food. Your restaurant bar will attract corporates, friends, and any groups that hope to have lively conversations.

  • Improved Profit Margins

A bar helps you increase your profit margins. It helps you make money even from guests that are not diners. When your competitors only serve soft drinks and beverages, you will have a competitive advantage. Most drinks are more profitable than food.

  • Your Customers Don’t Need Reservations

Booking reservations can be annoying for a lot of customers. If you have a bar, your customers can walk in and get excellent service even without a reservation.

Why Customers Prefer Eating at Restaurant Bars


Versatility is one of the reasons why most people prefer to eat at restaurant bars. They are convenient for solo diners as they don’t want to book a reservation. Customers also get the chance to enjoy their favorite foods and drinks under the same roof.

A Vibrant Social Life

The bar part of a kitchen restaurant is usually vibrant. Restaurant bars are great for diners who wish to socialize. It is also great for groups that want to have fun. Diners do not have to settle for the traditional, closed-off tables of restaurants. The bar creates a feeling of openness and encourages interactions. It is a great way to turn new guests into regulars.

Attracting Customers to Your Restaurant Bar

If you choose to add a bar to your restaurant, you must learn to attract the right customers. Your potential customer base is determined by your demographics, concept, and location.

Do some research to identify your competitors and learn what they are offering. Keep the following in mind if you are trying to attract the right customers;

  1. The theme, Menu, and Prices

Once you have established your potential clientele, use your menu, theme, and prices to attract them. If, for example, you are trying to attract sports lovers, your menu and theme should appeal to a sports-loving crowd.

If you are trying to establish a high-end restaurant bar that targets older adults, the ambiance should be cool and laid back. Your menu should include fine wine and the music should be classical.


Your marketing techniques should be appropriate for your target clientele. If, for example, you target families, consider having nights where kids get free meals.


The location of your restaurant will determine the customers you attract. Use it to your advantage. If for, example, your restaurant is located in the heart of the business district, you are likely to attract professionals.

If you decide to add a bar to your restaurant, work with a good design company. They will help you come up with a design that maximizes profits.

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