Four Signs your Steak is No Longer Safe to Eat


If you are like other consumers, you will want to store your meat in the freezer or fridge to slow down the spoiling process. But, this does not mean your appliances can keep your meat fresh forever. It is important to note that steaks can go bad even if you store them in the freezer for too long or when they are not stored properly. To make sure your favourite food does not make your sick, make sure you know the signs when your steak is past its safe point. They include the following:

It is Beyond the Use-By Date

Even if you go to a Rib n Reef steakhouse restaurant to enjoy your favourite steak, you may still want to prepare some at home so you want to stock on the meat. As a consumer, you should know that there is a difference between a sell-by and use-by date? The sell-by date is what the store should go by. Steaks with a sell-by date of June 14th should be sold by that time so consumers will have enough time to use them. If the steak has a use-by date of June 18th, you must cook or freezer the meat by that date as it might be already spoiled beyond this date.

When freezing the steak before its use-by date, give yourself enough time to thaw the meat and still eat the meat safely. With a use-by date of June 18th, you must get the steak in the freezer by June 16th so you will have a two-day window to get the meat thawed before it could spoil based on its original use-by date.

The Meat is Slimy when you Touch It

When your steak has slimy film, this could mean it is spoiled. This film is yellowish or clear in color; however, makes your steak look shinier than usual. Also, it will be sticky or slippery when you run your fingers over it. Often, steaks will get this slimy film on it two days before it starts to mold.

You have Stored the Meat for a Long Time

The majority of steaks can be stored in the fridge safely for three to five days. But, if you cannot remember how long it has been there, it could be sitting there for too long. Again, meat can get spoiled when left in the freezer for too long.

It has a Strange Smell

Although raw steak does not smell good itself, a spoiled steak will smell odd or strange. In fact, when the steak is spoiled, it has a potent scent which no longer smells like raw meat.

Christine Baron

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