Eid Mubarak! 4 Maharashtrian Delicacies to Prepare for Your Eid Party!


There’s nothing like the flavours and aromas of Eid to put you in a festive mood. Grand feasts are part and parcel of every Eid celebration, and it’s no different in Maharashtrian households. After all, Maharashtra is home to some of the oldest Indian Muslim communities like the Konkani Muslims from the Konkan. Their cuisine draws its lineage from ancestral Arab seafarers who settled in the region over a millennium ago, thus bringing in Middle Eastern influences to the table. So, if you’re planning to host an Eid party this time around, experimenting with Maharashtrian delicacies might be a great idea. 

Of course, you’ll need authentic Maharashtrian masalas and other accompaniments to prepare your dishes. From chutneys to homemade papad online – get everything you need from Aazol, the best homegrown brand that serves the authentic taste of Maharashtra by sourcing ingredients locally. 

So, now that you know how to get started, we present to you the best Maharashtrian delicacies that you must prepare for your Eid party! 

Poha Papad

Every Maharashtrian meal is incomplete without the papad, and that should be the case with your Eid feast as well. So get your hands on the Poha Mirgund from Aazol. Aazol also has an assortment of Batata, Nachni & Poha Papads, which includes a delicious mix of potato, finger millet and flattened rice seasoned with flavourful masalas. You can easily order these crispy homemade papads online from Aazol, so save your prep time for other delicious dishes!

Kokum Aloo

How about some tangy and spicy potato chaat to relish? The Kokum Aloo is ever-present across Iftaar feasts in Maharashtra and is the perfect appetiser to get the Eid party started. The dish is made from baby potatoes and has a strong hint of red chilli, Kokum, and freshly chopped coriander. A dip of Maharashtrian green chilli chutney from Aazol can complement it perfectly!

Kolhapuri Chicken

For the main course, what better than a regional chicken curry? Thanks to its spicy flavour and satiating aromas, the Kolhapuri Chicken is a drool-worthy finale for your Eid feast. Its visual appeal comes from its fiery red colour and its judicious use of the local Kolhapuri masala. The curry is coconut-based, thus imparting the dish a bold texture that you’re bound to love!

Sabudane Ki Kheer

Ending it on a sweet note, the traditional Sabudane ki Kheer found in Kokni Muslim households is one to savour. Made of sago boiled in milk and sugar, this festive kheer has just the right amount of sweet to sweeten your celebrations. One can also replace the sugar with the regional Kaakvi which is a mineral-rich liquid jaggery preparation packed with nutritious value.

In sum, these foods are sure to make your authentic Maharashtrian Eid meal a wonderful indulgence for one and all! Don’t forget to get your preparations right, though. With ingredients and accompaniments from Aazol foods, you’re sure to get a taste of Maharashtra! 

Sheri Gill

The author Sheri Gill