Can You Get Any Toppings On A Stuffed Crust Pizza From Papa John’s?


If you’re currently searching for pizza delivery near me and exploring all your options for dinner tonight, there’s a good chance you’ve considered ordering a delicious stuffed crust pizza from Papa John’s. However, even if you’ve already settled on getting a pizza, you might be interested in personalizing your meal and adding different toppings to tweak your pizza to your personal preferences. If that’s the case, you may be excited to learn that you can easily add toppings to your Papa John’s stuffed crust pizza, and may even be able to get a special deal. Here’s the inside scoop.

How To Mix & Match Your Crusts & Toppings

As you browse around for convenient food delivery near me, take a moment to think about how you might want to tailor your Papa John’s meal. It’s simple and convenient to mix and match your favorite crusts and toppings, so you can enjoy a truly personalized pizza dish. Depending on your own tastes and your loved ones’ preferences, you might want to:

  • Cover your pizza in your favorite topping
  • Mix and match multiple toppings all over
  • Opt for a 50/50 split to satisfy the whole family

Curious about the toppings currently on offer? Papa John’s has a wide range of toppings you can pick for your stuffed crust pizza. Choose one or more to alter the flavor to your liking and add a pinch of creativity to your meal to boot. You can even ask for different toppings on either half of your pizza to satisfy the picky eaters in your family. Although offerings may vary store to store, and you may want to call your local store to confirm the toppings available, some of Papa John’s current toppings include the following popular options.

  • Anchovies
  • Bacon and Canadian bacon
  • Mushrooms
  • Green peppers
  • Pineapple
  • Sausage and Italian sausage

Pizza Deals Papa John’s Is Offering

If your mouth is already watering at the sound of Papa John’s toppings offerings and you’re getting excited about your meal, you may be looking around for lunch specials near me. Depending on the current offerings at your local Papa John’s location, you may be able to snag some great pizza deals so you can chow down without breaking the bank. Call up your store and ask what the current deals on offer are. Some of the most commonly offered specials include, but may not be limited to, the following deals.

  • Papa Rewards
  • Delivery and takeout options, including no-contact delivery
  • Meal deals
  • Everyday discounts or specials at your local store

When you order a Papa John’s pizza for your next meal, you don’t have to stop at ordering stuffed crust. You can easily customize your pizza with a variety of popular toppings, including both veggie and meat options, and may even be able to snag a special meal deal or discount, depending on availability and seasonality at your local shop. With Papa John’s range of toppings, you can truly make your stuffed crust pizza your own every time.

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