Buying A Restaurant In Malaysia: Where To Source Ingredients For Your Malaysian Eatery?


Malaysian food is one of the identities of the country. It is so good that some people feel like opening their own restaurant in Malaysia. But one thing you may be worrying about is where you can purchase regularly the ingredients for your Malaysian dishes. The good news though is that Malaysia has abundant natural resources so it won’t be so hard to source your ingredients regularly.

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Patronize Night Markets

Night markets or street markets are known to locals as “pasar malam”. You can find various ingredients here for Malaysian dishes. Some night markets are more well-known than others. You will need to search for suppliers on a trial-and-error basis though some vendors are also more well-known than their brethren. Be prepared to haggle as this is really how shopping is done in Malaysia.

Cultural Influences of Malaysian Dishes

As a restaurant owner, you will probably find your menu influenced by Indian, Chinese, and Malay overtones.You can choose to be a purist and serve traditional dishes of those three separately. However, some chefs like to mix and match different types of food. This kind of ingredient fusion makes it more interesting for the diners.

Ingredients to Include and to Avoid

You should always bear in mind the need to source halal ingredients for your restaurant. This is because many Malaysians are observant Muslims so it is generally wise to accommodate their need for halal food. If you are a chef but not Muslim, you can ask your acquaintances who are observant Muslims how to make sure the ingredients are halal. You can also scout around for vendors who only sell halal ingredients. Otherwise, you will find a multitude of options for dishes that almost everybody would enjoy dining on.

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