Best dishes of Florence every tourist must try


Florence is the most populous city in Italian part of Tuscany. This city is beautiful and so are its people. Italian food is famous all over the world. But, very few people know that the specialty of each region of Italy is different. Florence is no exception. There are certain dishes that are scrumptious representatives of Florentine tradition of cooking. When you book Food Tour Florence, you must look for tour operators who are local and know in and out of Florentine cooking.

Some of the most interesting dishes that have raw flavor of Florentine cuisine are:

Bistecca alla Florentina:

This is actually the Italian name for Florentine steak. It is a huge dish where T-bone flesh weighing between 1-4kgs is used. The outer is roasted brownish and the inner is kept pinkish. The Florentine steak recipe has no variations. Also, the beef should be brought to the chef at restaurant, this is the tradition.


The best gelato in Italy is found in Florence. This dessert in authentic variety is available with the select few. Though you may see lots of street vendors, but mostly are simply selling the artificially flavored versions of Gelato.

Tagliatelle Funghi Porcini e Tartufo:

It is a form of Pasta, a food that is an important part of Italian cuisine. Two types of mushrooms and the mushroom sauce is used for making this pasta. The dish is enriched further with the sautéed vegetables that add a chewy texture to the dish.

Ribollita and Pappa al Pomodoro:

It is a soup variety common to Tuscan households. The dish is made using stale bread, cannelli beans and tomato. Dating back to the medieval period, this dish continues to be consumed as a comfort food in Tuscany.

So, have a full meal comprising of various local dishes. Italian food is such that you will have something to munch on throughout the day.

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