Are Plastic Containers great for use in a microwave?


Container usage

Containers made from plastic are very useful for a variety of uses and especially for food. Whether for use in a fridge or general food storage plastic containers are the ideal solution.

• Since they are clear it obvious what is in them.
• The shape of the containers allow easy stacking, space can often be an issue in catering.
• They are easy to clean and can often be used again.
• Perfect for prepared commercial food products for point of display in shops.

Containers for the microwave

The present trend for pre-prepared and take away food is expanding rapidly. It was not many years ago, that
takeaway food was primarily brought from a Chinese or Indian restaurant and came in foil containers. Today take-away and prepared meals are readily available in most shops. The foil container is not suitable for many of these products since they are not suitable for use in a microwave. Not every plastic container is suitable for food and certainly not suitable for microwaves. The correct containers prevent dangerous chemicals and toxins leaching from the plastic into the food and are able to stand up to microwave use without buckling or changing shape. How can we recognize what plastic is safe to use? The manufacture of plastic is complex, and containers all look quite similar. Most containers do not display the type of plastic used so the only way to identify those that are safe for the microwave is to look for the microwave mark. The easiest method to ensure that the correct containers are used is to buy the correct containers from an accredited supplier.

Single use containers

Most containers are designed for single use, buy from the shop use or empty the contents and throw away. Although today, we should not throw it away but recycle instead. Recycling, however, is not straight forward as not all plastics are suitable. This has resulted in a higher demand for multi-use containers. By utilizing microwave-safe containers several times, we are helping to reduce the problem of plastic waste.

Best container for use in a microwave
Plastic containers are perfect for use in the microwave. They are easy to clean they are lightweight, and it is possible to store food in the fridge or freezer ready to go into the microwave. They are easy to handle, as they do not
heat up, view products. Metal is not suitable for use in most microwaves and ceramic style containers often get too hot to handle.


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