Arabic Foods for a Mouthwatering Adventure


Planning a unique adventure soon? Why not try a gastronomic adventure, then? And when it comes to gastronomy, nothing can be as exciting as Arabic cuisine! Here are some dishes you might want to include in your bucket list:


Balaleet is a traditional delicious and sweet dish famous in the Arabic nations inthe Persian Gulf. In the UAE, in particular, it is a popular breakfast dish that can be served either cold or hot. It contains vermicelli that is sweetened with sugar, cardamom, saffron, a thin egg omelet, and rose water. 

Served with sautéed potatoes or onions,Balaleet is traditionally anArab food served during the holidays of Eid together with boiled black-eyed peas and garbanzo beans. Saffron and cardamom are the primary ingredients that further add flavors to this dish. 

The combination of eggs andsweetshas been known since the early Bedouins. The expansion of vermicelli came from the traders who associated pasta during the Middle Ageswith the Middle East.

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma is apopular authentic Middle Eastern Arabic food. It is a delicious chicken dish that is marinated with flavorful spices. It can be served with a salad or sandwiched in a warmed flatbread with Hummus or cucumber sauce.


Harees is the traditional Arabic one-pot food that is made of wheat and mixed with lamb or chicken meat. Arabs traditionally made it in large quantities to be shared with their neighbors and the less fortunate. Since this is made with meat, the dish packs a lot of calories. It is also enhanced with sugar, butter, and cinnamon.

Meat and Hummus

Hummus billahmeh is another traditional Middle Eastern Arab food served with spicy and hot meat, garnished with roasted nuts and pomegranates. It is a part of the Middle Eastern Mezze, frequently prepared and served during special occasions.


Mansaf is yet another traditional Arab food made with lamb meat cooked in Jameed broth or dried fermented yogurt and is served together with rice. The dish’s namemeans ‘large dish’ or ‘large tray.’

Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan and is extensively found in Iraq, Kuwait, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. The slices of lamb are cooked in a jameed broth. 

This dish is then served on a huge platter with a flatbread layer topped off with rice and later meat, garnished with pine nuts and almonds.The velvety jameed sauce is then poured on top of the dish afterward. 


Nicoise Salad is a type of salad that originated in Nice, a city in France. It is among the most well-knownArabic food. The colorful salad consists ofanchovies, black olives, green beans,hard-boiled eggs, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and tuna. 

The Arab food is served with vinegar dressing and olive oil. Hard-boiled eggs and freshly cooked tuna are used as toppings for niçoise salad. The sauce includes black pepper, mustard, olive oil, and vinegar.

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