A Quick Guide on How to Choose the Best Caterer for Your Wedding


Every year, around 2 million people tie the knot in the US alone. While not every single one of those couples will go in for a full-blown wedding, many of them will. That means diving headfirst into the wedding planning process.

You need a venue, a florist, and a dress. So many details! Then, there is the wedding food.

Pulling off a wedding means pulling off the reception. Assuming you go with catering and don’t draft family for cooking duties, that brings up the problem of how to pick the best caterer for your food. Keep reading for some key tips to help you pick the right wedding caterer.

Do a Tasting

The simplest way for you to find a good catering company is a tasting. That gives you a chance to sample the food, pose questions, and see their range of offerings.

Let’s say you’re doing a western theme wedding. Nothing says western like barbeque. A tasting will tell you if the caterer can pull off a decent barbeque.

If you’ve never considered barbeque for your reception, you can head over here to learn more.

Get Recommendations

With weddings happening all the time, there is a good chance that you know people who got hitched wherever you plan on holding the wedding. Hit them up for recommendations for a good caterer. Assuming they were happy, most people will gladly tell you who they used and how it went.

Consider Numbers

Not every catering service can accommodate large numbers of guests. You should go into your caterer search armed with a final or near-final number of potential guests. That lets you eliminate caterers who typically serve larger or smaller crowds.

When in doubt, call the service and ask them if they can handle that number of guests.


Like many wedding-related services, good caterers are often booked far in advance. That means you need to ask them about their availability on your planned wedding day. With luck, you’ll get the caterer you want, but prepare yourself to look for another option.

Even if you can’t get your first choice, odds are good you can find someone who meets with your approval.


While you probably want the chef making most of the calls in the kitchen, you want someone who will provide a little flexibility. For example, you may have a relative who can’t eat certain things for medical reasons. You need someone in the kitchen who will accommodate that need.

Getting the Best Caterer

Getting the best caterer for your wedding isn’t as simple as doing a Google search and picking the first name that pops up. There is some necessary research involved.

You must do a tasting with potential caterers to make sure you like their food. You should get recommendations from friends and family. You must also ensure that the caterer can handle the number of guests and is available on your big day.

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