8 Baking Hacks That’ll Turn You Into a Kitchen Pro


Everyone wants to be a pro in the kitchen, especially when it comes to making delicious baked goods to share with friends and family. If you’re looking for some baking hacks to step up your treat game, then we have you covered.

We have all the best tips that will level up your skills and impress your friends.

Whether you’re starting with a little bit of baking knowledge or none at all, these tips will have you baking like a pro. Make sure you strap on your apron and grab an oven mitt because you will need it.

Read on for eight baking hacks that’ll turn you into a kitchen pro.

  1. Need Peppermint Flavoring? 

Around the holidays, you might find yourself making baked goods that require peppermint flavoring. Yet, you might not have on hand.

Instead of running to the store every time you want to make a peppermint-flavored baked good, there is a phenomenal alternative! Use peppermint candies!

Especially around the holidays, when you have an abundance of them lying around, this is a great hack. All you’ll need to do is plop them into a ziplock bag and crush them up into a fine powder.

Adding the powder to any recipe will make it taste like a delicious Christmas treat.

  1. Forgot to Soften the Butter? 

There have been a few times when even professional bakers have forgotten to leave the butter out when making a cake or other baked goods. Yet, how can you get that same soft butter consistency, especially if you’re on a time crunch?

Put the cold stick of butter into a zip lock bag and use a rolling pin over it to make it softer. You’ll find that the butter gets flattened into a soft layer.

After you flatten the butter, you can use a spatula to add it to the rest of your ingredients.

  1. Cookies Sticking? 

Have you ever wondered why bakers use parchment paper instead of putting the baked goods right on the cookie sheet?

Well, parchment paper helps your baked goods to not stick on the pan. When you’re making cookies, it also makes it so that they cook more evenly. And when you’re lifting your baked goods, they won’t crack or break!

Parchment paper is a lifesaver for many people who partake in professional baking. One way to make your life easier is by investing in pre cut parchment paper. You’ll find that it makes the entire baking process easier!

  1. Don’t Feel Like Frosting? 

Another one of the best tips and tricks is for people who want to bake delicious treats yet don’t feel like doing all the work.

For example, frosting cupcakes can be a bit tedious. Instead, you’ll need to get a bag of large marshmallows.

Five minutes before your cupcakes are done in the oven, you’re going to place one large marshmallow on each cupcake and put them back in the oven. After the cupcakes are done baking, you’ll find that the marshmallow has melted, and your cupcake has a gooey layer of deliciousness on top.

  1. Need a Dairy-Free Alternative? 

If you’re trying to be a pro baker, then there are going to be many instances where you want to make some dairy-free alternatives. One of the best baking tips is to use avocado instead of butter in your recipe.

Avocado is a great alternative for butter, and it’s also good for your heart. You’ll want to use one whole avocado to one stick of butter.

If you’re not in the mood for avocado or don’t have any on hand, then you can also switch to applesauce instead of butter.

  1. Everything Is Sticking Together? 

One of the best tips from our baking guide is for amateur bakers who find everything is sticking together. The best way to ensure that your ingredients don’t stick together is to make sure that you flour everything. We mean everything!

You’ll want to start by flouring the tools you’re working with and even the surface that you’re working on. If the tools that you’re working with are your hands, then make sure to put flour on them!

If you need to cut through dough with a cookie cutter or knife, then you can add flour to that to make it easier to cut. Doing this will make the cuts neater as well.

  1. Cake Is Too Dry? 

When people eat cake, they want it to be moist and delicious. Some bakers find that their cake is dry and flakey.

If you’re looking to get that moist taste, then you’re going to want to add something extra to your cake before baking it. Yet, you might be wondering what that extra ingredient could be.

Most people find success by adding applesauce or yogurt to their cake. If you want to be a daring or creative baker, then you can even add mayonnaise to make your cake moist. Try it out next time!

  1. Don’t Have Powdered Sugar? 

Powdered sugar is a necessity in many recipes, which is why you might run out of it often. Don’t run out to the store and buy more yet!

Did you know you can make powdered sugar by grinding up white granulated sugar in a food processor? If you have regular sugar, then you can make it at home!

It might take a bit of extra time, but it will save you a trip to the supermarket.

Baking Hacks You Need to Know

There you have it! These are the best baking hacks that will turn you into a pro in the kitchen.

Your friends and family members will be impressed the next time you show up with a batch of baked goods. They will be begging for the recipe!

If you’re looking for more cooking or baking tips, then our blog has you covered. Make sure that you bookmark our page and keep coming back for more helpful posts like this one!


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