5 Useful Tips for Brewing Barista-Level Coffee at Home     


Every coffee enthusiast must have tried making barista-like coffee at home at least once. Although many of them fail miserably due to different reasons, there is some hope after all. Whether you have regular ground coffee or premium Kona coffee beans, it takes a little more effort to brew a coffee you sipped last time at a cafe. Thankfully, it is possible if you know what you are doing. To help you out in that, here are five valuable tips for brewing barista-level coffee at home. 

  • Invest in a Good Scale

You cannot make the same good coffee if you use a spoon to measure your coffee. As much as you think your spoon measures are perfect, your guesswork may not work if you plan to make an excellent café-like coffee at home. You might end up using different spoons every time and mess up a perfect coffee.

If you are adamant about making that perfect brew, you better be ready to spend some money. Investing in a scale can be a good step up from a spoon towards creating a perfect cup of coffee every time. The scale will ensure you get the same amount of coffee down to a milligram. That means you no more have to worry about getting your coffee portions right. Just toss it over the scale as usual, and you are all set. 

  • Buy Whole Coffee Beans

If you use pre-ground coffee, you cannot have a fresh aroma and taste of barista coffee in your homebrew. Ground powder coffee does not preserve its original taste and smell. Moreover, experts suggest that ground coffee starts losing its unique taste and smell as soon as it is ground.

On the other hand, whole coffee beans have their aroma and flavors still preserved inside them. When you roast and grind them, they release their unique oils that diffuse your favorite coffee aroma you smell at a barista. That’s the secret behind it. If you wish the same, you should consider buying whole coffee beans. Be aware that you will need to roast and grind them before you make your coffee. 

  • Switch to Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffees originated from coffee belt regions and have distinct fragrance and flavor profiles. Premium and rare coffees like Kona coffee beans are always in high demand by coffee enthusiasts who love to taste unique and premium coffees. Once you taste a specialty coffee, you will never go back to the regular one.

  • Grind Beans Mindfully

Grinding beans may seem like a big task every time you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, but it’ll be worth it. Instead of grinding bulk coffee that loses its essence over time, it’s best to grind your coffee beans mindfully and only that much you need. That way, the beans will preserve their essence.

  • Use a Ceramic Canister for Storage

Storing coffee in transparent glass storage containers or mason jars may look cute, but it isn’t a good choice. It increases the exposure to light and moisture, which lowers the quality of your beans. It’s best to store your coffee in non-reactive containers like ceramic canisters to protect it from direct sunlight and moisture.

Now that you know how to brew a barista-like coffee, make the best coffee you always wanted.

David Dom

The author David Dom