5 Tips for Beginners on How to Store Wine at Home

5 Tips for Beginners on How to Store Wine at Home

If you’re looking for expert tips on how to store wine properly as a beginner, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you don’t have a basement, there are appliances that can professionally store wines letting your wine’s full-bodied flavours ripen with age. Here are 5 tips to consider when storing your wine at home.

1. Temperature

The best temperature to store wine is between 50°F and 60°F. The exact temperature varies depending on the type of wine you want to store. If you store reds or fortified wines, the temperature is closer to 60°F while white and fruitier wines fare better at a cooler 50°F.

If you’re storing sparkling wines or champagnes, a good tip is to place the bottle in a bucket of ice water for about 30 minutes before serving.

2. Climate

The climate of where you store wine is a crucial aspect that needs to be managed. Humidity is important when storing wine. Aiming for around 50-70% humidity in the room is ideal. This range helps keep the cork of the bottles in good condition while avoiding long-term issues of mold and moisture that could peel back labels from those delicate bottles you want to preserve.

3. Position

For long aging processes, wines should be stored on their sides. Storing corked wine on their sides ensures that the cork remains moist and in touch with the wine. If you have screw top wine bottles, they don’t need to be stored horizontally.

4. Location

Be mindful of where you store your wine. You want to store your wine in a cool, dark place that is free from sunlight. Sunlight can oxidize the wine. You also need to be mindful of vibrations. Vibrations can be harmful to wine that is stored over a long period of time by speeding up the aging process and impacting the chemistry of the wine. Sunlight and vibrations aid in the dulling of wine’s full-bodied flavour over time.

5. Time

Nearly all inexpensive wines will not improve over time and are best to be consumed casually. Reserves and expensive red wines are generally best when stored properly for up to 10 years. White wines don’t age well and are best to be kept for up to 3 years.

Choosing a wine fridge, cabinet or cellar to invest in at home

There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to storing wine. Know the difference: A wine cabinet is more like a fixture that stores wine on racks while a wine cooler is an appliance that is designed to keep wines chilled on shelves. A wine fridge is also an appliance that is ideal for keeping whites, fruitier wines, and sparkling wines cold. A wine cellar is the most ideal for aging wines because these are appliances that not only keep wines chilled, but also have preservation features to adjust climate and temperature controls built right in.

Now that you know the basic tips of storing wines, how do you choose the right wine cabinet for your home? Choosing the right wine cabinet, cooler, fridge or cellar will be a sinch. The important note here is asking yourself what you want to do with your wine. Do you want to store extra bottles and consume them casually or do you want to invest in storing wine to ripen with age?


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