5 Things to Look for When Shopping for a Commercial Fridge


Experts predict the commercial refrigeration equipment industry will be worth an enormous USD 43.16 billion by 2028, highlighting the demand for these essential pieces of kitchen equipment.

But, what should you look for when choosing a commercial fridge? If you select the wrong type, you could end up needing to buy additional fridges to ensure you can preserve all your food properly.

Fear not, you can consider 5 key factors to help narrow down your choices and find your ideal commercial fridge.

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1. Commercial Fridge Capacity

It sounds obvious, but it’s important to carefully consider the internal dimensions of your new fridge. If you choose a fridge that is too small, your food could become squashed and damaged. But, if your refrigerator is too large, you’ll be using more electricity than you need to keep your food cold.

Take stock of your usual levels of food and chilled beverages, and then work out if you need a walk-in fridge or a smaller option.

2. Organizational Features

You may need a refrigerator that has removable shelving, larger compartment drawers, and see-through baskets that make it easy for your employees to locate items.

If your preferred refrigerator does not come with these features as standard, be sure to ask your supplier if you can buy them as additional items.

3. Durability

A refrigerator can take many knocks and bumps over the course of a day, and purchasing a sturdy stainless steel fridge can help prevent unnecessary damage. You should also look at the quality of the internal materials to ensure they are of a high standard.

In addition, it’s good practice to learn some commercial fridge maintenance tips that can help you keep your fridge in excellent condition all year round.

4. Energy Efficiency

When you work in the restaurant business, you can have many powerful devices running at once, ramping up your energy bills. To keep your costs low, look for an energy-efficient refrigerator that uses as little electricity as possible and comes with sufficient insulation.

This can also reduce your company’s impact on the environment and help you operate a greener kitchen.

5. Auto Defrosting Fridge

If ice builds up in your commercial fridge it can affect its efficiency and take up much-needed space. Instead of having to remove all of your food and thaw the ice, you can buy a fridge that has an auto-defrost feature.

You can then get on with other important tasks while this intelligent technology prevents ice from taking hold in your refrigerator.

Choose the Perfect Commercial Fridge for Your Kitchen

When you purchase the right commercial fridge for your business, it can make it much easier to store, preserve and retrieve your chilled foods. It’s a good idea to choose a fridge with plenty of storage capacity and an intelligent organizational design. You can also benefit from buying a robust fridge that helps to reduce your energy bills and makes your business more environmentally friendly.

By taking the time to consider these factors, you can enjoy using a high-quality commercial fridge for many years before you need to buy a replacement.

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