5 Benefits of Using Cast Iron Skillets


Cast iron cookware has been around since the sixth century BCE in China. It’s durable and you can use it at home, when you’re camping, or if you’re having a fire in the backyard, and it’s pretty simple to care for.

Those aren’t the only benefits of a cast iron skillet that exist, though. We’re here to take you through five of the biggest ones that come with making the switch.

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1. Natural Non-Stick

This non-stick is mostly found in enamel-coated cast iron cookware, but it can also be found in pans that have a good sheen to them. While it’s always advised that you cook with oil (especially if your cast iron pan is newer), you can sometimes get away with not needing it.

2. Easy to Clean

One of the best things about cast iron is that it doesn’t require soap to clean, and you don’t have to scrub it. In fact, all it really takes is carrying the pan (with an oven mitt) over to the sink as soon as you’re done cooking and scraping any bits off with your spatula.

Once you’re done, you can return the pan to the stove to dry, and also wipe it down with a paper towel dipped in oil. Leaving it on the stove after you’ve wiped the inside down is going to help maintain the seasoning. If you skip drying the pan and adding to oil, that can ruin the seasoning on your pan and it can lead to rust.

3. Cheap

While cast iron isn’t the cheap cookware option, it’s definitely a good bang for your buck. They’re often less expensive than stainless steel, and they don’t require nearly as much upkeep.

If you don’t feel like ordering online, though, you can probably browse a few thrift shops or yard sales and find one that’s going to work just as well for cooking.

Even homeowners who barely cook can enjoy this professional cast iron cookware

4. Long Lasting

There are plenty of families that actually pass down cast iron cookware throughout generations. You probably have a friend that inherited a pan or pot from their parents or grandparents.

5. Free of Chemicals

One of the best benefits of using cast iron is chemical-free cooking.

Unlike non-stick pans, this cookware doesn’t contain chemicals like perfluorocarbon, teflon, or other hazardous materials, and it’s not melting anything into the food you’re cooking.

Remember the Benefits of a Cast Iron Skillet

Now that we’ve gone through a few of the best benefits of a cast iron skillet, it’s time for you to decide whether or not you’d like to start cooking with it. Since it’s one of the most affordable cooking materials, it’s fairly easy to start using in your own household, though remember there is a slight learning curve!

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