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3 Incredible Benefits of Cooking With a Skillet


It’s already been a long day, and now you have to get dinner on the table. Do you want to pull out three different pans and then—sigh—wash them right after? Why does a decent home-cooked meal always have to add to your chore list?

Luckily, there’s a better way: start cooking with a skillet instead. Skillets can you save you time and energy—here are three of the top benefits of using a cast-iron skillet over other cookware options.

1. Durable and Flexible

A skillet can withstand temperatures up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can take a beating, too. In short, it’s almost impossible to damage your skillet.

If you maintain your cast iron skillet, it’s not rare for it to last your entire lifetime. You may even be able to pass it down to another generation. Even if they rust or corrode, you can refurbish them until they’re good as new.

You can get a lifetime of use out of them as well—they’re safe for stoves, ovens, and even fires. You can use a skillet to grill hamburgers for dinner, and then use it to make an apple pie for dessert.

Skillets are a one-time purchase, so they must be expensive, right? Wrong! You can get a high-quality cast iron skillet for less than $100.

2. Better Cooking

Because cast iron skillets are heavy and solid, they hold on to heat much better than other cookware. As a result, you get an even cooking temperature even on an unreliable stove. Also, because they can handle more heat, you can sear meat perfectly every time.

Plus, cooking with a cast-iron skillet fortifies your food with iron. And don’t worry—there’s no metallic taste left behind.

3. Easy Clean Up

Skillets are naturally nonstick—unlike other pans that use an artificial coating that can release toxins during cooking. Cast iron isn’t full of nasty chemicals, but it still lets go of burnt-on food bits without scrubbing. A quick rinse in warm water is all it takes to clean a well-seasoned skillet.

Remember to maintain the seasoning on your skillet by wiping it with an oil-dipped paper towel before you put it away. Seasoning only takes about 30 seconds, but it helps your skillet last forever. Make sure it’s dry before you season it!

Often, a classic cast iron skillet is the only pan you’ll need to cook a full meal. Without a pile of dirty pots and pans, you’ll save even more time on cleaning.

Unlock the Benefits of Cooking With a Skillet

Cooking with a skillet can change the way you cook forever—in the best way possible! Not only are they long-lasting and easy to clean, but they make cooking easier as well. Pick out a cast-iron skillet today and get cooking.

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